OT addition

OT could use a addition like adding more casing, able to mix flames in fuel tank (casing), fire properties like napalm being hard to extinguish.

More Casing

  • M74 (AGM) casing: It have two parts: 1. cartridge case(fuel) and 2. the payload. just like the other AGM it could only be use in a launcher. It only uses 2 Vial (a bottle) as the container is small. stats are just like M40

  • Cluster Shell casing: It have three parts: 1. small warhead(payload) 2. the warhead 3. the shell(fuel). The small warhead can only fit a bottle and needs a separate igniter-igniter. the warhead can fit 1-4 small warhead. The stats are almost the same as custom shell.

  • CAS missile casing: It have three parts: 1. The Warhead 2. Payload 3. The Missile(fuel). The Payload must be inserted into the Warhead and can contain 6 bottles(why not). The warhead must have the Igniter-Igniter. The Missile must have 120u of Ammonium Nitrate.

Fire More properties

  • Napalm is harder to extinguish. (not affected to duration)

  • Ethanol/Methane is almost invisible but still emit light. (just imagine the ff to these)

  • Thermite can damage structures like walls and doors


Giving OT the ability to make CAS missles is interesting, but probably is hard to implement and could break the balance.

Stats would probably have changing stats like non-star incend mortar being limited to 30 intensity.

Power: 600
Base Falloff: 240

If missile reached more than 360 power it will turn into “GBU-67
‘Keeper II’” like missile. Adding more power makes it faster (Travel time limit is 1second).

Intensity: 10-50
Radius: 4-12
Duration: 5-64

More than 30 intensity it will make star (like more ones).More than 40 intensity will make “XN-99
‘Napalm’” like missile 9x9 fireball.

Turning on Blast Dampening will make (Power)/30 = Duration of the stun.