OT bullets. Dumb? Yes. Cool? F yes!

This is just something i keep thinking about. I know its dumb, i know its very dumb and would be so much work just for one bullet. But it would be incredibel. I mean i get why not, one you would need smaller containers then vials, and like… OTs could just make HEAP ammo. Wich would be busted. But still. A good OT can already imensly change the tied of battel with M15 nukes. I just want to rambel about this. I mean it would be so cool. Imagine if the OT bullets could also inject chems. I already started to love making medical grenades, but making an M39 extended mag for a corpsmen, full of bullets that heal more then they damage… “Dont worry, my bullets do negative damage.” Complet bullshit, but hillarious notherless. I hope i infected someone else with these brain worms. I know it will never ever be a thing… but a man can dream… a man can dream.
Also i had to make a purperleyeswtf refrence someday.

Also, addendum
To be a bit more serious. Making bullets would probably need a special workbench or lathe. Being that some guns like the pulse rifel use caseless bullets. Being bullest that lay in a compressed littel block of black powder.

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could be pretty simple to work. Load 600u of whatever chemical onto a box of 600 normal bullets, they get an orange stripe to “chemical ammo” and can only fit into standard magazines, examine text says “buyers beware”


I feel split on this. On one hand, OT bullets would be awesome, on the other hand, they would be busted and need to be costly to make it only fit in OT magazines.

I think another alternative would be to let OT make custom ammunition for snipers and scouts. They could certainly benefit from blue flame incen rounds.

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haha wooo yeaaaaaaa giving every marine a incen mag would be so fun for all sides haha…

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That is a damn fine idea.

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Yeah having the ammo be sniper/scout only is a good idea. My main reason against OT bullets is that it would be too easy to mass produce CLF3 bullets to give every marine free incen ammo, but snipers and scouts have incen ammo anyway so that wouldn’t be a big deal. And it could be a good way to use those research properties that affect xenos. Like a scout having disrupting so the xeno they shoot can’t call for help. Or shooting the queen with plasma draining bullets.


yeah thats why i post it here. I just been thinking about it a lot and wanted to see other people opinion.
But letting Ot make sniper and scout ammo is a very good idea. I mean that would pretty much round it out and OT would be abel to make ammo for all Specs. And you know, HEAP ammo for the sniper would be hilarious.

on the xeno side:
“hey mark”
“oh hey b-”

I really like this idea. Gives researchers an actual reason to deal with these chems, gives OTs more reasons to stick around once they’ve used up all their explosive making supplies (Beyond making 20 dozen Ethanol Nades), and doesn’t make every marine into a scary possible death force. I am fully in favour for the specialist OT bullets.

If I had to add a bit more, we could add in OT bullets for regular marines. BUT have it use precious metals like gold and silver for the magazine (OT even starts off with some). Thus giving the OT a much more expensive cost to giving it to your common private, and gives req and actual reason to buy the precious metal crate from req beyond just having BM funds. It may be a bit much and leans into the how was I supposed to know he had a underbarrel shotty attachment issue though.

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could be cool I always thought maybe they could give money a reason and thats how the OT shop makes money for the ship or something.