Pipe Bursts need a little bit of improvement

It’s pretty great, but the way to mitigate them is an afterthought and does not actually work out in practice - If you actually try and crowbar tiles and unwrench pipes (which frankly, most people don’t even know will prevent the pipe explosions) you will spend the entire hijack just making one tiny area ‘safe’.

It takes way, way, way too long to pull up pipes. There needs to be a faster and easier way of preventing pipe explosions in an area.


I think the best way to solve this problem is to tie pipe explosions to the area APC.

This provides an easy way to flag where pipe explosions will occur - if the APC doesn’t work, you get pipe explosions. If you want to prevent pipe explosions, you repair the APC. You don’t need to hunt around for 50 tiles of pipes you can’t even see underneath the floor, you don’t need to spend 10 seconds for every 3 pipes to crowbar and unwrench.

Just find the apc, repair the apc, and the area is now safe.

And if the APC becomes damaged it becomes unsafe again.


Does anyone have other or better ideas for making it less time consuming to make areas safe from pipe explosions?

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Soooo I understand what you find frustrating and your perspective.

At the same time, half the point is to make doom holds more dynamic with serious issues that have to be managed. This thread is sort of proving it’s working.

We don’t want a really long hold during hijack (FOB siege part 2).

Honestly pipe explosions are fine as is… Hijack is supposed to be like, an intense final stand while the ship explodes around you, like you’re running on borrowed time. I don’t think it’s intended at all to mitigate them, since that gets rid of 90% of the danger of it.

We should remove the red danger pop up

its only a issue when a pipe burst kills a red alert sentry gun, but that just requires you to remove the pipe beforehand