Planned Mutiny Event

I miss mutinies, we should fix this problem by making an event round where due to some kind of fuckery, the marines feel pressed to mutiny/riot/etc. Of course command should be given an extra surplus of MPs, and maybe have it start out as a non violent protest only to have a CLF agent toss a grenade into the crowd or something.


Play when Bob Cross is XO


Extra surplus of SSD bodies, almost nobody wants to play MP on a normal round, and when you KNOW you’re going to be outnumbered 3:1 and heavily outgunned, not even MP mains will bother.

Protest? In the military? Do I really need to explain why that’s a bad idea?

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There are plenty of matches where a mutiny would be appropriate. You just gotta be more outspoken.

In my personal opinion (salt and cope), engaging in a mutiny is more of a blueballing activity given what you can and cannot do within a mutiny. Get it out of your head about an epic battle between mp/xo/co and the mutineers that result in the xo/co being brutally beheaded. It usually involves a lot of rulebreaks given how strict it is or due to confusion (I can imagine the nightmare for the moderator to handle all the ahelps), or the xo surrendering immediately, or random marines third partying and gunning down mutineers. Or MP’s already prepositioning while the mutineers have to wait for their special status to begin.


More like asking for permission to get the proper gear, waiting for someone to agree and open the armory, changing out your gear (Things that marines already completed at roundstart with no permission needed), then trying to discuss and figure out what’s going on and where to go (things which the mutiny people likely planned, discussed, moved prior to ahelping)

That being said I don’t hate being outnumbered, outgunned etc. as MP. If anyone remembers that greenshift event within the past year about marines getting angry that their vacation was cancelled or something like that, I went in as MP knowing that I’d probably get murdered quickly due to the event allowing it. But I tried to RP anyways, because the story implied that a slow buildup/escalation or at least some dialog between players was more appropriate than instant murderboning, even though the rules allowed for ignoring escalation (and as expected was gunned down with zero RP)


Mutinies used to happen almost daily from what I remember. They are a lot more rare even when there are times that CIC kinda deserves it.

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Good idea.

We’ve actually had this before. Balance was mostly achieved by taking away most of the vendors and discouraging people from taking loadout guns so that the marines couldn’t get guns unless admins spawned them in, increasing the MP job cap by about 15, and by allowing most marines to choose whether or not to join the mutiny, thereby splitting quite a few marines between neutrality and rioters. It was really fun, marines got to shit on MPs without getting ahelped, MPs got to invent new, unique ways to torture Delta, and the action never died down because a balanced stream of ERTs for both the MPs and Marines ensured you wouldn’t remain in dchat for too long. My only complaint was that after cryo’ing after being told to do so after my ERT glitched, the admin running failed to put me and another person into another ERT as they promised, locking me in dchat for a good 30 minutes.


I honestly feel a planned mutiny would only work properly on the lower pop/roleplay server. Simply because a mutiny event is going to have to be far more roleplay oriented than mechanically oriented. Unless you want this to just be a HvH event with the window dressing of CIC/MPs vs Marines.

This would also ensure the people playing actually want to do the event since if you forced everyone on the regular server to do this more roleplay oriented event you’d likely just get a lot of people itching to pull the trigger as soon as possible.

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None remember the green shift XO vs CO recruiting people to kill each others. Thinking back it reminds me of “Crimson tide”.

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Since when does CM have a roleplay server?

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It’s the second server, typically its brought online for roleplay events or smaller scale events. Not commonly but it’s there.

Most people call it the event server I think


and all those events were god awful - somehow, miraculously, all guns on military vessel vanished