Please give survivors a means to fend off defenders

Survivors used to have incend and nailguns to fend off defenders. Now incend has been removed and nailguns have been nerfed, so it leaves survs in a situation where are steel crest defender can just fortify and destroy their cades without survs being able to do a damn thing to stop it. They could use some AP or flame weapons on maps like kutjevo and fiorina to help them out.


The best answer I can give here is run away. That’s your best defense. :smiley: (the objective is to survive, not kill as many bugs as you can and I understand my answer is shitty but like, what’s stopping y’all from running?)


Getting meta ratted out by salty ghosts and not being able to hide at all because morrowbeno even nerfed grass, probaly.

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Instead of adding that, strains should be on a cooldown, so no stuff like crest movers or acid runners who can acid your cades and stuff. I think that’d be a good add.

Or even better… Tech tree for the strains ( I feel evil for writing this one )

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I didn’t say anything about how survivor is about killing as many bugs as you can. I was talking about easy it is for defenders to destroy survivor fortifications

That simply isn’t an option for small maps like lv or kutjevo, or really most maps. Survs are outnumbered and outgunned by xenos, if they run they’ll get skirmished and slowed down by the lurkers and the runners, allowing the rest of the xeno horde to catch up and wipe them out. Running can work as a delaying tactic, but some sort of fortification is always necessary for survs, and fortifying just isn’t tenable if defenders can just wipe out your fort while eating entire mags without getting one drop of blood on their sprite.

Really, I think survs should be given incend again. incend was only really a problem for ancient xenos who had memorized that map and can meta rush the survs before the average xenos get there. The problem being that they end up fighting the survivors alone and have no one to pat out the fires if they get clipped with an incend slug. If anything incend slugs encourage xeno teamwork. :smiley:


just… get good… i guess

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The correct take. Survivor is supposed to be hard.


Defenders are an accidental issue. Their primary gameplay benefit is being a tank that only AP or special ammo works on. Survivor gameplay revolves largely around building cades and being holed up in one corner of the map until Xenos find them and call them out so the micro-siege can begin.

Survivors aren’t incentivized to really do much else. Hiding in a locker or closet finds the most success in survivability but it’s absolutely boring and, as mentioned, some ghosts/dead xenos will meta game your location. The secondary choice is to wander and fight off the oncoming Xenos. I’m positive that wandering is how Survivor is intended to be played but it’s also the fastest method to being killed, left for dead or captured.

I’m not positive how you’d encourage wandering but, in my mind, Defender’s are fine as they are.

Yes, make these slightlyTM totally overpowered strains locked to past marine landing.

How are you supposed to siege surv fort without defenders tho? Also you can find flamer or that new gun with flamer on most maps I think.

It just gets worse for survivors.


Bad take actually. Surv should be hard, but having 5 survivors shooting at a defender simultaneously without doing any damage while he deconstructs your entire cade line is just ridiculous.


Fair enough lol
Seen it myself

Shoot-Shoot-Shoot, reload, Shoot-Shoot-Shoot
Lose the cade
(It’s still not dead and it broke through!)
Get tailwhipped :laughing:

Insanely strong for a T1 ability


Having tried survivor a little lately yeah, it’s pretty un-counterable when a fortified defender easily shreds cades with zero risk. Some maps have no ability to get a flamer too. Running away/roaming is pretty much impossible with the mass drone swarms and lurkers. Survs are down bad atm.


I have seen a survivor magdump a steel crest with a nailgun and not even get the defender below half HP, another issue is that while you can flame the steel crest, a xenomorph can just pat them and the fire they are on top of out.

Edit: Another thing that happened a few rounds ago relating to steelcrest, I had PB’ed it seven times with buckshot, while a synth was hitting it with a fireaxe and it barely got below half HP. I then got lunged at by the steelcrest (Which is a weird ability for a defender to have anyways), breaking my chest and causing me to paincrit and die.


I was observing that event. The shotgun shells did negligible damage, it was mostly the Synth with the axe who did all the damage, even that was not enough.

The above image feels very representative of the current survivor experience. While I understand survivors are meant to have the odds stacked against them, I feel that Defenders make the experience feel pointless. At least shooting most xenos feels impactful. But Defenders can stand in front of your cade, tank all damage, get any fire patted off before they break in and win with marginal effor

According to the maintainer update thing Morrow posted it seems it’s planned to nerf xeno armour while also nerfing AP ammo. So AP should end up being less necessary against fortified defenders.

Also it’s interesting how fortify has actually started getting used more recently. For a long time people seemed to consider it a joke ability never worth using, but I’ve been seeing it quite a bit even outside of fighting survivors.

Had a defender do this on hijack and they were able to soak up immense amounts of damage from 4 people and multiple grenades, before walking it off. Steelcrest

When it came back, it was able to stay and even heal to full while being shot at because the QH can outheal the damage dealt with this ability :rofl: Outheal

It’s pretty entertaining but not very balanced - and it’s probably way worse for survivors.

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That was not steelcrest, that was regular defender. Look at the sprite in the video. Regular defender has a tankier fortify than steelcrest for some reason.
A lot of those bullets were likely doing 0 damage to the defender. Smartgun bullets (even AP) for example do nothing to a fortified regular defender, at least from the front anyway. Regular m41a bullets do nothing as well.

Edit: Also in situations like that there are ways to play around it, such as just not shooting them… It’s a regular defender, it can’t move while fortified. Just don’t waste all your ammo on it for no reason… If you really need to kill it you can use weapons with AP, fire, or get behind it to negate the directional armour. Trust me an M2C or flamer will have it running away instantly. I agree for survivors though it might be bullshit.

Edit again: In fact watching the first video I can tell exactly what is happening. For the first 10 seconds the defender is only being shot by SG and rifle bullets which are doing 0 damage to it. Then the moment the XM88 starts firing it starts taking damage, you can see it’s sprite change to the damaged state as soon as the XM88 starts hitting it. After about 5 seconds of being shot by the XM88 the defender unfortifies and runs away as it knows it’s about to be killed. All it took was one weapon with high AP to scare it off

A T1 should not be invulnerable to non-AP weapons. Especially considering the M56 fires “armor shredding” rounds. What’s the point of such a name if it’s literally useless?

It’s just like the clip of predator armor taking 0 damage from an M39.

It is not very good gameplay whatsoever to have something have so much armor that it essentially takes 0.

the fact it can outheal smartgun fire is already pretty bad :laughing:

Now imagine all of this but you only have a 15rd beretta 92FS LMAO