Please provide clarification on whether stacking sentries close to each other is allowed or not.

I don’t know if I am being Mandela Effect’d or not, but I am pretty sure that stacking turrets close to each other has been considered an exploit for a while.
While upon closer inspection of the rules page and the now decrepit rulings page on the wiki I found only a mention of stacking mini-sentries, I would like to know if regular sentries may be stacked as well to cover the same area.

The wiki is not typically up to-date outside of the Rules sections, ergo caution is advised in referencing any part of it for policy.

Insofar as I recall, for most of CM history there was no mechanic restriction on if Sentry guns could be placed near or next/adjacent to each other, it is considered an exploit to literally stack sentry guns on top of each other in the same tile however.

At some point it was changed so mechanically you cannot have multiple sentry guns next to each other, and be active, at the same time.

So I imagine currently it is still considered a exploit to stack multiple sentry guns on the same tile and have them remain active, especially as mechanically you should not be able to do this.

Sentries are mechanically not allowed to be activated if too close to one another; nor should it be possible to stack them. If you know how to avoid either of those restrictions let us know:

Unanchoring them and pulling/pushing them into each other is not possible either, nor can you unanchor one that is active, and the activation step is what does the check for nearby. Omni sentries and m56d have similar restrictions.


Hi I play Carl Johansson in game. I’m the reason sentries got that enforcement. As mentioned before sentries should not be activateable within 2 tiles of each other. Currently unless recently patched there is a way to bypass it by using an engis mobile sentry and a gauss/pump sentry by first placing and activating the engis sentry then turning on the gauss sentry (because it isn’t spawned yet I would assume). Other than that I haven’t noticed any ways to bypass it currently (Not that I’m trying to intentionally do it)

If you’re curious on why it was put in place I used to use 4-5 sentries all together and the only way Xenos could push was boilers or flanking.

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