Poll on MT change

  • Add random MT jobs
  • Add exterior MT jobs
  • Keep MTs as they are
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Explanation of choices

  • Random jobs would come in the form of a checklist that will be updated after they complete all the available jobs listed, as in add more. These jobs could be something like cleaning so many floors, fixing a machine that is broken (will not be essential machines but more like a drink machine breaking down, possibly sparking), or possibly adding scripted mini repair events but that is more out-there.

  • Exterior jobs would allow the player to use the EVA suits and go outside the ship to do minor repairs, pain the hull, etc… There would also be a auto toggled safety line that will be triggered to pull the MT to the hull if they reach 4 or more tiles away from the hull. This would also be only for MTs, CE, and command staff by ARES auth as how would a CO know the in and outs of EVA. EVA would also be disabled during highjack, by choice of CMP and CO (including aCO), if CO is not available the CE will be able to auth with the CMP unless the CO objects. It would also be able to be toggled off by staff.

If you have a suggestion I will try to see if I can make this a project on discord so you can post it there, if you have a minor comment post it here


so long the exterior EVA task is not a vital task sure

yes, it would not make sense as since the rounds are focused on having groundside winning and if this was essential that would make the rounds either work or end fast

This poll is invalid since there is no “remove MTs” option

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I definitely like the idea of both MT interior AND exterior jobs

just for the extra, but if it’s a choice between the two and exterior would be cooler, we do already have civ EVA suits I’ve seen them before

maybe it’d even give the hazmat working joes something more to do like if an ARES core breach happens during hijack or something

that last parts more out there but y’know

Exterior is cooler but interior provides more interaction with crewmembers either from casual observation or actual engagement.

I think both would be really great to have.

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Both! Both is good!

MT’s have been the only real source of shipside RP outside of SIGN THIS FAX PLEASE (which is not real RP at all).

Adding in non vital tasks to MT’s and EVA suits would be cool, but giving the role required busywork is a bad idea imo. MT’s are good because they are a sandbox role, people play the job to start bars, deal drugs, build cool projects shipside or go help with FoB. MT’s have the stereotype of “just being there to break ML”, which while untrue, isn’t a bad thing, MP’s do need a job to do and having people break the IC laws of the ship is a positive for the shipside experience. Required busywork isn’t fun and doesn’t actually engage people in RP, instead add more toys to the box that they can use to make their own fun with.


To reiterate, these would not be required to do, but could offer things such as rewards and something to do, rather than doing the same set up, same gear, same things.

Exterior is all cool and that but will however require atomospherics to be added which is quite funky.

Random jobs is probably what maintainers will choose overall due to its less complicated coding.

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The main issue I see with this is all tasks so far benefit the marines for being done so far. So adding this menial tasks is a bit off tone. And it could keep MTs from helping in other ways when really needed.

i think it would be better to make MT work more with other department or roles ship side:
1-Make them have way better work-loader skill allowing them to speed up setup of the DS’s and reload of the weapons would be an example
2-they could help Req to load DS in the future to drop supplies…
3-maybe allowing them to speed up fuel pomp process by typing on computers? like doubling point gain when they are on it…?

adding totally new mechanic just to keep MT seem fun and all but it’s a lot’s of work and we should work more toward making mechanic that make players work together rather than each one in is corner…


when you code it

I will start it in a bit, I just made a thread for it on contributor projects on the discord. It is my first big project so it will be slow.


You got it man! Looking forward to a better MT!

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