Press Officer

An RP role that is responsible for the civillian correspondent, both their safety and to try to make them report favourably on the USCM. They would have some authority over the correspondent, but would not be allowed to cencor their writing. In absence of a correspondent or if they have free time they’d also act as the military correspondent.

This would add some slight social tension RP as they try to hide things that are bad for the USCMs image and the correspondent tries to find those.

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this is not a good idea for the same reason as an assistant for the CL, you’re making them entirely reliant on roleplaying with 1 person, it’s not very fun

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I think they would act as the military correspondent if there is no CC

I don’t think they would only be able to RP with the CC, they could also attempt to prevent marines or the CL from finding out not that nice things, or even handling relations between the USCMC and the company.

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TBH, I feel like you’d simply get more from having a second CC slot, and allow the natural competitiveness from having a rival from a different publication, or civilian gossip clashing with government brown-nosing: dynamic based entirely on who rolled the other slot without forcing them into a more constrained role.

Plus, replacing the bed in their room with a bunk bed would just make their shitty broom closet of an office funnier.


This needs to be added

The correspondent role is already the “press officer” role as you can be both military or civilian.

I am not interested in more RP roles a this time.

A chaplain is something I have considered on and off and is the most likely out of anything.