question: How to get unblacklisted from whitelist aplications?

How to get unblacklisted cuz its been couple of months and i dont know how to do it

Hope forest2001 will show you mercy as it was issued by staff and not council. You can try DMing him and pleading your case.

i did but he didnt reply

Probably wants you to do a ban appeal or something. :person_shrugging:

i dont think u can appeal an blacklist

Did you try?

well i checked and there wasnt someting like blacklist appeal there were only game bans job bans and discord bans appeals

Well whitelisted jobs are job appeals, right? So make a Job/Role appeal and mention in the description that you’re under a blacklist while you’re pleading your case. Its game side after all.

that migh work but il do it later

There is no appeal form for blacklists. If council issued it you talk to council, if staff issued it, only forest can reverse it.

If he doesn’t respond he doesn’t respond

well i got blacklisted by a council member so its a council issue i think

Oh well, I tried. Sorry mate.


Blacklist is actually the ultimate whitelist

nah all do im not racist but i like whitelist and not blacklist

I heard if you climb mount everest while chanting in Latin and shit while sacrificing a goat born the second of their litter under the waxing moon that forest will remove your blacklist.

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But only if you sacrifice the goat with an obsidian Knife made in 1500 B.C by the Wamakahana tribe of South America that was broken into three pieces and scattered across the world in very remote places.

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Probably would have been a smart idea not to use ChatGPT or something similar on your pred aps.

I imagine it was lying about a very obvious use of ChatGPT, moreso than trying to use it.

nah i admited it