Recoil Compensator rework

Currently, the Recoil Compensator is just a completely flat out worse version of the Extended Barrel.
They both give HIT_ACCURACY_MULT_TIER_4 which is 20% bonus accuracy, but the Recoil Compensator takes a minus BULLET_DAMAGE_MULT_TIER_2 which is 10% reduced damage. Sure it also comes with a RECOIL_AMOUNT_TIER_3 recoil reduction, which is 15%, but recoil is currently in a state where nothing has reasonable enough recoil to make this of any use, except a single pistol when one-handed.

Basically, everything that has recoil has too much of it for the small amount given to help or so little that it’s irrelevant, especially when two-handing a weapon since you pretty much have zero recoil then.

So onwards to my suggestion:
Make the Recoil Compensator increase burst (and auto) fire accuracy, lower the bonus accuracy and lower the damage nerf. The recoil reduction could be kept the same since as stated it’s pretty much irrelevant except for maybe one niche pistol. I’m thinking something like this:
accuracy_mod = HIT_ACCURACY_MULT_TIER_2 (Lowered from 20% to 10%)
damage_mod = -BULLET_DAMAGE_MULT_TIER_1 (Lowered from -10% to -5%)
recoil_mod = -RECOIL_AMOUNT_TIER_3 (Untouched -15%)
burst_scatter_mod = -SCATTER_AMOUNT_TIER_4 (20%)


I agree that extended barrel probably needs a nerf.

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Sure, you could nerf extended barrel, but that still doesn’t change the fact that the recoil compensator just does the same thing, plus some extra shit that nobody wants. Even if you make the EB half as good without changing the RC, most guns are so accurate in single fire to begin with that you don’t really need extra accuracy and people mostly take the EB because it has no downsides.

Additionally, burst fire is in a weird spot where it somehow shoots slower than single fire on pretty much every gun except when you heavily gimp your fire rate with every single mod slot you have, because at that point it can’t get any lower and the bursting takes over. And many guns have accuracy problems with burst fire even though you can single fire faster and more accurately.

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seizes up and falls limp, his eyes fall lifeless…

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New totally unreasonable nerfs getting speedmerged in two hours before any feedback can get posted incoming. About the compensator, you are right, it is in fact useless unless you are some dual pistol or dual SMG unga and needs some buff which makes it a reasonable alternative over the extended barrel.

Extended barrel nerf is not unreasonable at all, attachments with no downsides is not a good thing.