Refueling the Dropships is dumb. Text Fluff.

Instead of the Dropships complaining that they’re refueling for the initial 20 minutes marines are awake we should have ARES tell us we are still in transit to the planet or generically the ship is still underway we’re now in Geo Syncronous Orbit and the Dropships are now in range of the colony. Or just generically available/ready for deployment/to be launched Or The ship is now in position to begin Combat Drops/Operations Etc Etc.


Better idea: dropships are doing pre-flight routines

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I think it would make more sense. Maybe it would be good to have ARES announce when that is aswell.

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Awaiting for the next Almayers orbital cycle around the planet.

(Waits until Almayer flys around the planet)

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Fueling ships is soulful

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This is the Alamayer, nothing on this ship is fueled unless it’s needed within the next 15 minutes.*

* the CL escape pod is always fueled because W-Y paid for it.


I think (like most shit) that this is just the first phase of the escapeship update.

Hard to remember.

At least they WORK now



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force MTs at gunpoint to constantly refuel dropships

Do you want a riot? Because that is how riots start and we will welder bomb you straight to hell.

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God forbid you actually DO something


At least they will be dead.

The only good MT is one thats already dead

You’re not even really supposed to see that message

Do you expect deltards to not try and unga fast deploy only noticing they still cannot?

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dont use fuel just use solar power

Nice idea: “USCMC doesn’t wanna pay money for fueling the reactors, so now we have to turn the ship towards the sun and wait until the dropships are charged using solar panels”

yes, it would save a lot of money

Big :nerd_face: post here…

Don't click unless you like reading walls of text

I just want to make some comments on orbits since it’s one of those things (like artificial gravity) that almost every scifi universe handwaves and portrays really poorly without thinking much about it.

(Not saying we need to think too hard either, just want to provide information I think is interesting. Being practical, I think the game’s playability takes precedence over realism)

Anyway, to tackle first is the misconception I most often see in popular media about space: That stuff just “floats” directly above the surface as if its a blimp and all you’re doing is going straight up or straight down and if you had a really tall ladder you could even climb up to the spaceship. You see this even in videogames that let you fly into space or to the surface from space. It’s very wrong. If your spaceship is a floating blimp it’s actually not in an orbit at all.

Orbits are parabolic arcs that never touch the ground, and de-orbiting is just slowing down enough that the arc intersects with the surface. While in orbit you are still under the gravitational effect of the planet you’re orbiting, the gravitational pull on the ISS at ~400km for instance, is still ~8.7m/s/s. Astronauts don’t ‘feel’ this because they’re in freefall. In fact, they are accelerating towards the ground at ~8.7m/s/s, but they are flying so fast sideways that they miss the ground which I know sounds kinda stupid but yes that’s really how it actually works, and so they go in a perpetual circle around the planet instead of hitting the ground. Because astronauts and the station itself are all falling together at the same speed and direction, there’s no opposing force to make them feel gravity (the floor doesn’t ‘push up’ against them). Hence ‘freefall’ and ‘microgravity’.

Geosynchronous orbit for a planet with Earth’s gravity and rotation is ~36,000km’s away which mimics the behaviour of a ‘floating blimp’ in that it’s always overhead a specific spot, but is both a very huge distance (low earth orbit is ~100-1000km) to cross in a short amount of time, and also not possible if the planet has no rotation at all.

However, the almayer can be in a much lower orbit (like 150-500km) without really impacting anything that happens anyway, it just means it passes overhead quickly, but you don’t need to be directly overhead to shoot an orbital cannon at the surface or land dropships anyway, because the projectile can simply travel along a parabolic arc to hit any arbitrary place on the planet from anywhere unspecific in orbit - you just need enough energy to push it the right way. The exact position of the almayer would just change how long it takes for the projectile to get there, not affecting whether it could or not.

With that said there’s obviously some issues with a realistic depiction that crop up - like a realistic transfer from low orbit to surface would take ~10-20 minutes and that’d be true for both the dropships and orbital cannon shells. I don’t think people want to wait 20 minutes for an OB to hit lol.

As far as an orbital insertion goes, yeah it could be say 20 minutes before the almayer is in the ‘right’ altitude but it’s kinda arbitrary - there’s no reason (beside lack of fuel/efficiency/power) you couldn’t also send the dropship earlier on its own trajectory and have it decelerate under its own power to land where you want.

imo just saying that it’s refueling is good enough and can’t really be mathed wrong, so I think that’s a better narrative choice than getting into orbital mechanic specifics that probably wouldn’t actually be true especially if we have planets with different gravities and rotation rates or shift the almayer in-game to different orbits (which I think was a thing at some point?)


This is lore accurate to reality. Every possible corner is cut until the equipment is needed and then its a mad scramble to get everything working in time.


Yes but Geosynchronous buzzword.

Personally I prefer the generic versions.
Because yeah there’s no logical reason we don’t just launch the dropships early if we’re just waiting for an orbit. However it’s more immersive that ARES announces we’re ready for deployment rather than the silent refueling timer. And somehow it takes 20 minutes to fuel up the ship but we never fuel it again no matter how many drops we make in the 3+ hour round. So It’s easier to assume we just have some really good power plant in the Dropships that is nuclear fission or something.

So yeah my preference is we’re Underway, and We’re ready for deployment in some sort of Generic ARES announcement