Remove Bica OD IB Fix and rework knife shrapnel removal

Some time ago there was a discussion in #cm-discussion about making medbay less boring and we arrived to the point of what the title says,
it would basically be removing the bicaridine ability to fix IBs on OD and by making the knife shrapnel removal either more of a last resort option, so let’s start by the first one.

Right now IB is pretty useless since it got snowflaked hard in the past to the point where you just need to wait for the marine’s IB affected limb to have no brute damage for applying a Bica OD. So, by making it surgery only it would give medics more things to do instead of kanye staring the analyzer until the limb brute damage reaches zero, a way to do it would be by giving a very small pouch that can only hold a scalpel, hemostat and retractor like shown in the picture, obviously most if not all medics pack their surgical line so they can use that to fix the broken artery/vein and close the incision with sutures too (you can do that).


If you get shrapnel by either FF or from a xeno you can perfectly remove it in like two seconds by activating your knife on hand which seems pretty boring, plus you don’t even need to aim at the affected limb. For addressing this two types of shrapnel could be added, superficial shrapnel and deep shrapnel.

-Superficial shrapnel, this would be your normal type of shrapnel that you can get in many ways, except, it could either deal less damage per walked tile or have a less of a chance of hurting you when walking, it could have a 100% chance of successful removal by medics with a hemostat or a lower chance if you’re using wirecutters as a ghetto step, obviously this step shouldn’t be skill locked so if, you’re in need, an engineer could help you, or even use your boot knife as a last resort if you wish.

Edit: Apparently normal shrapnel is already lethal enough, so superficial shrapnel could have current stats with deep shrapnel having a modifier or something.

-Deep shrapnel, this type of shrapnel could be achieved by either some xeno buff, some strong explosions or by simply not wearing armor (we have light shrapnel that harms you if you wear no armor), as this implies, the deep shrapnel could be more lethal than current shrapnel as it would be rare to get. Since currently, medics can do shrapnel removal surgery (it’s a level 1 surgery and medics get level 1 surgery) it’s already possible for medics to do this procedure, but since we have boot knives, there is zero need for this.

I must add too, that we have a research property that’s dedicated to only removing shrapnel, so that could be very helpful if research ever decides to make it.

I think this could be a very soulful change to CM and could be fun :blush:

(Yes I copy pasted it from my ideasguy so I am bringing it back because old ideasguy was comically stupid :D)


True, I don’t think a human being could rip out shrapnel from deep in their torso with a knife, without any painkillers. :hocho: :scissors: :syringe:


soul tbh

gotta consider ‘how are medics going to carry all that surgical crap?’

also someone’s probably come up and say wyci

edit: On a serious note though, actually good idea - I’m too dumb to code anything so yikes.


These are good ideas IMO, but I think it needs to be said that you don’t actually need to carry about the retractor or the scalpel because the combat knife can function as a ghetto version of both when it comes to the surgical steps needed to start an incision, so all you would need for both surgeries is a combat knife, surgical line, and a hemostat.


I’m not a fan, this would add a lot of pain to the 80+ people not playing as medic.


i like it but who’s gonna code


The syringe box/pouch whatever is a small item that can hold 4 items, it can be based from there to hold the surgical gear + the sutures/graft to make it even more space efficient :D)


The IB change is approved if someone wants to code it.


Firstly you act like this exists in a vacuum… it doesn’t. IB is literally crippling for marines, it will kill you, that’s not a maybe, it’s a fact so not only do you have to keep an eye out for it (not easy to do), you also have to find a medic to help you out, THEN you need to make sure you have no brute damage, THEN your still ODed on bica which is still a severe problem that can kill you quickly. So saying that it’s a meaningless thing is clearly from the perspective of a xeno player.

I just today got IB and I didn’t realise for a few minutes, skip ahead HALF AN HOUR… 30 goddamn minutes and I was just waking up…… yes it wasn’t only due to the IB, there were also idiot medics that decided that 80 bica is a reasonable amount to give to someone but this is going to happen again it’s not a rare occurrence

And all of this isn’t taking into account the fact that you fucking lizards don’t let us fuck around dealing with our medical issues, you just keep attacking us and try to kill the medics we need to stay alive. So when I realise I have IB not only am I not fighting, I’m consuming resources and medical supplys from the medics and I need to be taken care of for that entire time

Now all of that is with the current system. You are proposing that marines have to find a fucking doctor, who has tools and time to find where your IB is, do the surg and all of this whilst the marine has a fucking internal fountain draining his blood. The only thing this will do is fuck marines as getting IB will just be death (at the current rate, IB will barely let you run from the front to fob before you pass out) so you will see more people doing DNR (leaving the game) and more people getting angry at this stupid system

As for the knife stuff, yea it makes sense that you couldn’t do that…. But considering the frequency getting shrapnel and all the xeno ability’s that cause instant massive shrapnel (ravs, runners, spitters, lurkers, ect) it’s just too crippling to make it require anything more than the 5 second ability

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