Remove food vendor from briefing

Removing food vendor at briefing give the cook the opportunity to feed marines rather than being nothing or just doing shenanigans

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As cool as that is, people would do one of three things:

  1. Skip mess hall anyways and eat their MRE

  2. Mess techs would do weird stuff to food on purpose thus griefing all the marines (drugs, mushroom effects, poisons etc.)

  3. If there’s no mess tech then everyone has to starve.

If you want people to go to the mess hall, remove MREs from squad preps and put a vendor with MREs in the mess hall (and crates of them in req to distribute) so people can choose either an MRE or a real meal. Also making officers spawn hungry instead of fully satiated.


I dislike this idea.

I dislike this idea as someone who plays a lot of shipside roles this vendors is how I stay alive the venders make it so I don’t got broke getting food I know people will agree with me because I see other shipside person eat from the venders

Edit- MTs start with $25 In There account that is enough to buy one burger form the machine which is not enough.

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the end of Charlie Breakfast :frowning:

Charlie breakfast is gone anyways, because of UNGA FAST DEPLOY.

@DukeofCagliostro disliking something?!

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it was at this moment he knew, he fucked up.

Generally I think moving the food vendors further away from spawn and moving the mess room closer to the marines. Would be much better than removing the vendors.

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if mess was where the tables were in briefing with serving tables on the east facing Req + one food vender at the end of the line incase there’s no MessTech :thinking:

Officers actually spawn partially hungry. It’s a pet peeve of mine - you’ll spawn and not be hungry, but within like 15 minutes the nutriment or w/e ticks down without you noticing or realizing it.

All the officers as far as I know are like this - intel, staff, etc.
It’s really annoying as IO because you land planetside and woops gotta eat something.