Remove Grounside Chem vials. Adds Local Fauna for both sides

Remove ground-side chemical vials.

Local Fauna spawn mid-late game after marines have landed (probably 45-50 minutes in?) at a few pre-determined locations that aren’t the meta fronts.

For marines, it gives good chems from the blood.

For xenos, it gives a small, random buff (E.G Cooldown reduction on abilities, slightly more damage, better pheros, etc.)

Ideas? Yes? No? Piss-poor idea and I should go play a different game?

so basically vials, but they don’t spawn until the middle of the round and xenos can deny it from IOs

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Would the Fauna be able to be capped by xenos? I feel giving the Xenos easy Caps is bad because it negates them having to Risk dying to capture marines.

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Pretty sure the fauna in this context is referring to plants and not hosts/smallhosts

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That’s flora. Fauna is animals, and flora are plants.