Remove Hijack. Or Make It Optional

I’ve toyed with the idea of “Xeno Alamyer”, but it mostly gets blown out the water since there is no living being who would enjoy attacking it. Since to make it lore accurate, it would have to be underground. And that just brings every marine alive flashbacks of Ice.

Fill it with almost endless supply of lesser drones and I would enjoy killing a few dozens even if otherwise the conditions would not be in marine favour. I can imagine old underground ICE with only a couple of normal xenos and a lot of lessers.
That would be true to movie and fun.

i think people should just play the game instead of complaining about “oh this part of the game is ass” when its rly not


I will always complain about woyer and lurker and their bullshit skills which require 1 click.

But back to main comment hijack shall stay and give me my ERT rolls.

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