Resolve the WY vs USCM hostility for command.

To have marines hate the company is ok since in the end it can do for some light RP so long the marine stays within ML. But to have command hate and or refusing to cooperate with WY when there is no reason not to I feel it is just failure to RP and it should be addressed and treated as such. It simply does not make sense for command to be hostile towards their biggest benefactor, the one that sells them all the equipment they use and also fund the research department. So long WY does not act in a way that requires a hostile response there should be none. You don’t have to like them but you can’t just hinder them. Most common interaction between WY and USCM except these with the CL is chem pick-up. And somehow it mostly ends with a shootout, at least from my experience. What led there is first research, MPs and then command flat out refusing to give the chem. CMO already has instructions on how to handle chem and asset extraction by WY. I feel that command and the CMP need one too if there isn’t one. At least know that WY practically owns the research department as it is funded by them and have every right to that chem. Just so that we don’t have MPs flashing, arresting and flash banging the goons in a incident they started. Or a CO that is out of control shouting orders and a CMP that has nothing better to do than get the entire MP force on the goons for no reason.

Not sure if policy feedback is the right category for this topic so let me know


I do agree, Commands job is to upkeep the relations with the WY because they supply the USCM they’re equipment and HC and WY are in good terms.


It does not make any sense, why would you intentionally spark up an incident with your supplier because “hurr durr I hate the Company”, I agree that this should be looked at or else the Liaison will continue to remain a lackluster role who everyone from the top all the way down hates because it’s a meme.

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The medical department is not under WYs control or funding. This was true when it was civilian, but it’s a USCM department now and falls completely under the commanders purview. The CO has the right to tell the goons to fuck off, or to force them to provide services, or any number of things in exchange for the research. The goons are a quasi hostile, civilian paramilitary force forcefully boarding a military vessel engaged in a protracted military action. Saying that the CO is unhinged for not wanting these gremlins onboard, or not just giving in to their demands (because they always try to be the tough guys) is ludicrous.

WY bankrolling the USCM isn’t going to stop because the CO liberating a 10 billion dollar colony doesn’t give up a 1 million dollar research chem the company can gain access to through corporate espionage, without angering the USCM, and while keeping up appearances.

The chem ERT is a silly little fun ERT, and you should stop taking it as anything else. Enjoy shit going down hill, that’s where the fun is in your free respawn.


Because RP. Like why would W-Y Bother with the logistics of going to some Military ship in the middle of it’s combat deployment when they could just wait for it all to blow over and tell the USCM to ship all their little goodies and “rightfull” property to some space warehouse. Hell be double efficent and deliver weapons and ammo, and then with the empty cargo-ship ship the goodides back home.

Everyone loves hating on the company because it’s something to do. Like MTs annoying MPs.


It is one thing to bother MPs and another to create diplomatic incidents with your biggest benefactor. RP wise

Sure the CO has a say on what goes on the ship. Except asking the goons to do things for him. They are mercs and are on payroll. I am saying it doesn’t make sense and there is no reason to spark a diplomatic incident. There is a standard procedure to deal with chem extraction and there is 0 reason for any CO to deny them the chem. Unless they give him one. And if I recall correctly there was one time where with admin intervention the funding to research was actually cut so on that I’ll take a second opinion. Also I didn’t know it used to be civilian. Would make for some really good RP if it still was.

Commanders will do what they find appropriate. Should the chemical in question be judged beneficial to research, they have every right to deny WY its acquisition. What’s in a single job’s wiki page isn’t SOP or law, it’s there so that if command’s busy, CMOs have something to refer to.
Furthermore, the ERT would be a dull role should no conflict spark with it, so much that another thread has been created on what it exist for even with conflicts. It’s got no reason to exist, even lore-wise, aside from letting ghosts go back in the game.
This one thread here though is so visibly biaised. Diversity is what makes RP servers unique, WY shouldn’t always win, same as the USCM. If WY sometimes lose, well, cope.

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If command choses to keep the said chem, they would be litterary stealing property of WY, that they really want. Thats basicly asking for them to ask “Do you want to give us the chem, or do i need to fax your superior for your imminent demotion”.

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Your post refutes itself. You say that the CO should just hand over the chem for free, turning the ERT into what is essentially a McDonalds drive through order of, “I’ll have one of these chems, another of those, oh and one of these - any extras please?” Then you go on and cite a cool moment that only happened because the CO refused to just go along with the company, creating tension and drama (what makes good RP).

This is really silly. Its not WY property, its USCM property. Also its 1000x easier to just steal the chem later on through corporate espionage rather than cause a major incident and go mask off. There’s an art to keeping face that the USCM isn’t just being puppeted, and this isn’t it.

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stripping and beheading the CL is soulful

By good RP you mean everyone shoot each other? You may as well go planetside for that. And besides if you got the chem recipe from a WY facility it is then WY property. And in my experience command is the one that starts to escalate. In what could have been no big deal. I had flashbangs and flashes going on my face before any shots were fired. And stealing the chem is the McDonald drive through, ironically since nothing really happens. What I’m saying is stop COs and MPs from resulting to force in what is something better settled via speech.

I can’t help but feel people don’t read the opening lines of the CL’s wiki page:

As the Corporate Liaison, it is your job to represent the Weyland Yutani’s interests in the mission that has been given to the United States Colonial Marine Corp. You have ZERO direct authority over the Marine Corp, you merely have influence, stretching this influence too far is likely to result in detainment or possibly abandonment on the planet.

You’re a pencil pusher on a military vessel. While marines are on the surface of the planet risking their lives you’re sitting in a cushy office complaining about chemicals for your company. Why the hell should CIC or the marines respect you in any way?

Here, have another quote direct from the W/Y Wiki Page:

An uneasy relationship however exists between the Third Fleet and W-Y, notably those stationed in the Neroid Sector under the Second Battlegroup. This tension is due to the number of USCM vessels vanishing, while attempting to support Company colonies, at the request of bribed higher authorities in the military.

So, the W/Y hatred in lore runs deeper than just the CL. In what world is any self respecting CO, XO, or CIC going to give you even an ounce of respect? Let alone give you chemicals they found on a mission to rescue your colony?

Complaining about being treated badly as CL reads more as a FAX to High Command than it does a forum post, to be honest.


In what world is the chem USCM property? It is literary found on a WY colony by colony ne of the intel boys, and then taken to the Alamyer. The only way to say it’s USCM property, is if you go by scavengers rights or some made up rule that doesn’t exist.

If you played Aliens Dark Descent then you’d know that W-Y can get their scientists onboard USCM ships and that they fund half of the USCM along with supplying most of their weaponary.

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I think this goes both ways honestly. I just played a round where I was the XO (no CO) and W-Y was “repossessing” the ship. I tried to RP with them, twice I even sent a message to high command (to which I never got a response.) For the most part I just let them take the ship because I felt I didn’t have a good RP reason to stop them. The problem with W-Y interactions in general is theres nothing written down. There’s no grey area. There’s space law, and then whatever the person RPing with W-Y or the CL wants to kind of make up on the fly and hope the other person goes along with. I would like to see some kind of grey area be added, so there can be some concrete stuff to RP over.

For all intents and purposes. I’m going to shoot the CL. I might even fuck up the Chemgoons for I hate corporateism.


don’t forget to add the vial to the COs coffee

I dont think it’s unusual to hate the company, even for command.

You probably hate your job but keep working

I am sure in a different part of the galaxy WY is curing cancers and extremely helpful to the military with cutting edge tech.

But my understanding is that we are an old third rate ship full of idiots and criminals sent to armpit of the galaxy where the company is doing shady shit.

And like you at your job… when the shit hits the fan, at some point it doesnt matter anymore that they are paying you.

All that being said… I find the chemical thing boring and stale; which is why it usually devolves to gunfire. A shootout is far more interesting. Who really wants to be a guard for a briefcase transfer where nothing happens?
Its like that system was put into place for a trial of a future system with many other objects, teams, and interactions… and then just never progressed.
Like most shipside roles… the CL needs more shit to do.

TLDR. Shootouts happen because shipside has nothing to do. It’s a side effect of the gutting of shipside. A policy wont solve it or shouldnt


This is very true. I used to work at a very large chain restaruant. I actually somewhat enjoyed my job and who I worked with, made good pay, etc. But I hated the chain owners. Always told people never to go/eat there because I didnt like the food or the company.

In a similar way, no matter how we feel about what we’re doing, its like serving bad chain restaraunt food. You might even enjoy what youre doing, but you dont have to like the company.