Restrict access to Corporate Liaison Office

As the title says, it seems like the CL office shutters and doors can be opened by a great deal of people. In three different occasions:

  • A Chief Engineer raised my shutters and barged in to threaten me;
  • A colony synthetic (!!!) raised my shutters and walked straight into my quarters;
  • An Executive Officer walk in mid-conversation to shoot me and the two people I was RPing with

Since the Corporate Liaison is one of the few civilians on board and is there as a representative of Weyland Yutani, what I suggest is to restrict access to their office to the CL only. Marines already have plenty of ways to breach the office and xenomorphs can just pry things open or melt every obstacle in their way with acid.


I think the issue is with the ID console. People can give themselves access to anything on the ship. By just assigning their ID to a liasion then changin their name

A way to fix that is by only giving the liasion something to give authorisation for access to their office.
But yeah, I agree. People being able to dissassemble walls and get access is unfun.

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I am like 90 percent sure that you cant give yourself CL access with the ID console

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You can but you need the permission of the aCO to make a CL id or get CL access. It’s useful if the CL is doing something like breeding Xenos and there’s no engineers to break down his wall. Although the main method i use to get CL access is taking one of the blank ID’s and making it have CL access and there’s a box of blank ID’s near every ID console.

Last night I heard someone on CIC altering a bunch of survivors IDs and saying something like “I won’t be giving them access to your office”, implying that IDs can be altered to allow them free access in the CL’s office.

Regardless, it’s extremely frustrating. I understand the CL is not a welcomed presence by 90% of the Marines and that, if Weyland-Yutani allows them, act as some sort of antag…but what’s the point of having their own containment unit and their own facilities if a lot of people can easily enter by just clicking a button on a wall? Personally, it stops me from even considering the idea of collecting Xenos or otherwise doing anything it may be perceived as incriminating.

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I’m gonna re-check incase they changed it, but i am 100% sure you can’t get CL office access from ID consoles. But if thats the case, then yeah, i dont think command should be able to give people or themselves access to the CL office. The only people who should be able to give access to the CL office is the CL himself.

I’d like to also add that the liason should get a notification from his headset, should any walls, doors, or shutters, be tampered in his office.


The C-L office can be opened by Synthetics. That’s nothing new. Synthetics are probably the least harmful thing to come from the ship. They can’t hurt you without violating the WL rules.

I believe the C-L is the only other person outside of Synths that has outright access to the buttons. The door leading into the office is free to use so long as the shutters are up. It makes sense from a lore/mechanic perspective.

My primary issue is that people, especially MTs and the CE, will break in and do whatever they please. This is just LRP. It’s smartest to ding the Admins if RP is being roundly ignored because someone wants to be a griefing shit head.

There’s no amount of mechanical fix that will amend bad or lazy RP so sometimes you have to roll through it. Abandon any preconceived notion that this server is MRP.

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MRP? I have long surrendered to the idea this server is not MRP. It’s lowRP, AT BEST. It’s a Team Deathmatch with any concepts of RP being relegated to an outdated rules panel.

That being said, I don’t see how the COLONY synthetic can have access to an USCM ship office that’s assigned to the Weyland-Yutani liaison. I’m alright with the ship-side synthetics being allowed in the ship. Synthetics are a whitelisted role and are harmless.


You can not give anyone specific access to the CLs office with an ID console, you can however set their job role to be a Corporate Liaison, which in turn gives them access to the CLs office.