Ribbons and Achievements, because we all love bragging rights.

I would love to have an achievments screen with ribbons to unlock.
If you could Examine a character and see what they have achieved would be awesome but I dont know if thats feasible.

Illustrative image.

Killed a Queen? With a Knife? FROM INSIDE OUT?!
Here is your ribbon sir.

Purple Hearts galore.

I know this kind of thing is just cosmetic/useless but I wanted to put my idea here anyway.
What would you guys add?


I think your heart is in the right place but achievements, such as your describe, in my book are not a good thing for CM. However, tracking medals again is a good idea. I do not know why it was removed.


I do have plans for a “achievement light” dealio with trading cards you can spawn with with various in game lore descriptions that you can unlock in various ways. Mostly stuff like, “Play on Christmas” or whatever else. Just uuuh… when I don’t have 20 other things I’d like to do :smile:

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