Rule 4 needs to be elaborated on

Rule 4 is important for CM as a whole it prevents shitters from ruining rounds for people and keeps the game fun. a problem with the rule though is that it makes a distinction between griefing and roleplaying which is fine. But Clarification should be made that you can’t declare yourself an antagonist. and do antag things even if you come up with a reason why i dont know i might just be stupid but i think expanding on rule 4 might be beneficial so no miss interpretations of it happen

I’d like to add I think that this guy is the same guy that because he was new and didn’t know that you’re not supposed to try blowing up mission critical equipment on the almayer such as generators and got a ban for Griefing the shipside crew. The charcter he was playing as was George ‘Schizo’ Rios


not new just a really stupid,but yeah it was me. im not complaining about the rule or getting banned i just think more elaboration would be good so idiots like me don’t rule break unintentionally. And it’s not like I ruined the round for anyone anyway the ship had more than enough generators to keep running at max load blowing up some of the generators is not going to ruin the round for anyone

haha wh-what if we held hands and committed terrorist acts together


you forgot to put the emojis so no i’m reporting you to the UAAC-TIS


Welcome to the squad.

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If you feel like what your gonna do will get you in trouble please ask before you do it, it’ll make it easier and most likely funner for everyone involved

Please add clarification to rule 4 that combat logs can be generated from throwing grenades and shooting dead bodies, even damaging permanently dead bodies of NPC colonists’ corpses. The only time I’ve received EORG ban is when nobody has actually gotten hurt.

And it might make sense to an admin about combat logs, be we the players can’t see what generates them and think the purpose of the rule is to avoid hurting friendly players because it’s considered LRP. But the ban can be handed out when no friendlies are actually damaged in any meaningful way.