Sentinel neurotoxin strain

Dont know if this is even a good idea but the sentinel cast and its Evos feel kinda left out from strains. Strains are a very fun idea for multipel reason. And the drone evo line alone has a lot of very great and fun strains. But i feel like it would do a lot if over time every bug gets at least one strain. So here is my (very basic idea) for sentinal strain.

Full focus on neurotoxin. Sentinel loses any acid it has, corosive; shotgun; maybe slow, but gains more abilitys to aply neurotoxin. Maybe even give the strain the Neurotoxin that makes you high as balls like the boiler one. Would make sense that the same evolution line is abel to make the same type of toxin. Specialising more into active combat support.

Look, im not so deep into this game that i know what would be overpowerd or not. I just feel like the Sentinel could see some love. And i just want to trow my idea out. Because who knows, my idea may be shite, but maybe someone else gets a better idea from this. Fun to see what comes from this

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Sentinel doesn’t require a strain for what it inherently does. The regular spit can down an unarmored opponent and makes them easy to capture so long as you spit at them before they stand back up. For marines or armored people, you buckshot neuro in their direction and they go down.

You’re sort of proposing to limit them to something they already excel at.


yeah like i said, im not good enough versed at this game to know how to make good changes. Just feel like it would be nice if sentiel got a strain. Strains are a very fun thing, and i think it would be great if every cast gets one at least over time. How ever long that may take. But cant hurt to trow a raw idea at the wall to see if something sticks. I know the idea has a lot of flaws, but its just and idea. I mean if you have an idea for a sentinel strain go ahead. Not really hard to top me. And i dont mean that in the “you do better then” way. I genuinly think you migth have a better idea. You seem to know more then me about the game after all.