shipside breeded xenos can switch sides

i have this idea in mind that when a normal xeno is made in a contaiment cell it can switch sides, so like when it bursts it can switch sides what i mean is the xeno can negotiate with talls (if they have the translation chem of course) to switch sides so when for example it wants to switch sides the xeno has to press a button in the alien tab then there will be an popup that will say for exaple on what side it want to be and there will be 3 option, option 1 will say ,stay normal" so xeno dont want to change sides and it won’t be able to when pressed, option 2 will say ,trust talls" and when pressed the xeno will turn into a tamed xeno and it can’t betray talls unless they want to kill it and option 3 will say ,trust no one" after pressing it the xeno will turn into a ferall xeno and it can’t ally with talls and the normall hive, and also when the xeno bursts but the DS is hijaced the xeno can’t change sides because his hive it’s coming so this would be dumb and also the xenos groundside also can’t change sides because the queen won’t let them throught the hivemind

This would both remove the point of investing in chemicals for corrupted xenos, and just make them burst one xeno, wait for them to be tamed, and instantly kill them if they aren’t.

Sad I can’t like admemes, but yes, greenos are already pretty much that without the hijack thing. Additionally, from an IC point of view: how would benos be able to like switch their colour and if they can or can’t attack people?

well no because tamed xenos can’t have a queen and coruppted ones can so tamed xenos can be only at tier 1

Uhrm make greenos mutinies admin approved…

good question, but like weeds on groundside and huggers in resin holes turn forsaken when xenos hijack the DS so like it kinda applys the same logic here and also the collors for tamed, ferall and forsaken xenos is to know witch one is witch because like its how we see them form gods view and from our characters view we would see them as normal xenos

Nuh uh, the chemical already made them corrupteds. They are no longer under the control of the QM. Switching sides doesn’t make sense at all.

Either way it’s like CLF surv action, you either put your trust on them or you are killed from the back or have a CLF friend. You gotta be powerful enough to contain greenos so they don’t rebel and make sure that they stay under control.

I think, he probaly means breeding normal benos in research instead of corrupted ones

well yes and no by that i mean that if like for exaple researchers have eggs or egg plasma but not royal plasma nor dark accid blood they can make a normal xeno convice it to be tame and have 1 single tamed xeno witch as u remember it can’t be an tier 2 nor a queen, but if researchers waited for royal plasma they would make coruppted xenos that can have a queen and tier 2 and 3 so its like making normal xenos and convicing them to be tamed when researchers lose hope of getting royal plasma and also its for no soul hugged so like researchers or CL can kidnap the no soul hugged and make him burst and convincing the xeno to be tamed.

fun fact. If the greenos are on the USMC side and get IFF tags and the queen then betrays USMC, every tagged xeno will get a pop up asking if they want to stay loyal to the queen or the USMC.

If they stay loyal to queen they stay greenos.
If they stay loyal to USMC they become renegade hive. Like greenos just with the rule you cant betray.

Also i know what you mean, we had a similar situation where a runner made its way into reserach and got capped. Via heavy RP they basicly tammed it. Admemes allowed it then to evolve intoa corupted version of the mutated hive. Wich was awsome.
But i dont think this should be too much of a thing. This is something that should happen organicly, and not be encouraged. Otherwise you will definitly get people “accidently” getting trapped just so they can play funny green xeno morph.
Dont lie to me, i know some of you would do it.

The sad thing is every time I’ve seen renegade xenos they just get gunned down by marines