Shipside Maintenance Technician Activities

The title explains its self, what are some shipside activities you’ve done as an MT? Whether it be setting up a bar, antagonizing the MPs, girdering a room, shenanigans or not shenanigans, whatever you may have done.

I’d personally post a story or two but it’s 3:30 AM as of writing and I can’t think of any…

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I clean.

Actually was CMP and not MT that round but still funny: The whole engi department set up a border checkpoint in the hallway next to the OT workshop (pretty sure medical and the northern door were bolted) and had everyone who wanted to enter the hangar fill out paperwork, with signaller-controlled door bolts and everything to prevent people from passing without paperwork. I noticed it and helped controlling people for some time until they locked in some poor bravo SL. Felt really sorry for him when he was already locked in there for ten minutes, so after arguing with the CE to let him pass through for five minutes, I arrested the whole engineering department and let some comtech dismantle the checkpoint.

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Sometimes when I am feeling particularly evil. I play mt… but I work FOR the mps.

I reinforce the brig. Make it harder to break into. Seperate the cells. Add new permacells.

If you thought marines hated mps… wait until you become a collaborator.

On a Beck round I helped turn the evidence room and interview room into permacells and they had something like 9 marines permaed. And everytime they tried to break them out they couldnt as I had reinforced the brig. And beck could arrest them for damaging the walls. I miss beck.

Its delicious

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Beck stacked 15 DaSO charges on me as a SG, provost came to rescue me on the Almayer being hiljacked

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Deconstructing Brig For Metal, then building something. I fed people chloroform cause I was bored. (didn’t end well) Injected random people with chloral hydrate, when questioned said it was “fun because MTs don’t have anything to do”. Informed not to do it. by flpfs (SeniorModerator) on 2022-03-13 15:16:09

Nine marines



This is my most robust moment as an MT. And suprisingly I was only noted for stealing an ID, instead of doing the other shit.


God’s Strongest MT

Least chaotic MT round

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Weakest* (this is probably the least worst thing an MT has done)

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Windhealer MT Gang went hard in the paint. Legends to some horror stories to others.

One of the few times I was an MT, the CMP gave me orders to build a new jail. We had a weird event where every room in Almayer had crabs spawn. Literally like 40 or 50 crabs spread across the whole ship. I built it where the bar normally is NE of Alamo hangar. It was incredibly ominous to open a brand new unlabeled airlock door and see 30 something crabs staring at you scuttling around the room. Great round.

Other than that, my MT rounds usually involve installing wood floors at random and stealing any booze/dope. I’m usually playing Bravo Comtech fobbit, so MT is my break from building FOB lol

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GOD I LOVED YOU AS HUGE JACKMAN. You were genuinely hilarious. When you were the chef and made only wish soups and burned messes I was laughing so hard I was crying

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