Short rounds ruin my MT >: (

Ok, I am real real salty so I will do the only mature thing I can think of, complain about it on the forums.

So, story time. I roll MT and as I like to do with the roll I prepare cameras to build in FOB, write up some quick paperwork to deconstruct a cams console without MP’s shooting me on sight, grab some circuits for a crew monitor and req computer. All good right? WRONG! I deploy to FOB as usual after about 30 minutes of runing around getting stuff and start setting up my monitors, I place ONE CAMERA! and FOB gets breached and I get killed by a acid runner 45 minutes in to the round.

Conclusion: Stop being bad at the game so I can have fun, pretty please.


Marines get good at the game and get marine major before 1h mark, FOB is never contested.

Can confirm, short rounds ruin MT…

Anyways when do we get another xeno buff… xenos being underpowered is clearly the issue…

@Murphers, when do we tell the guy about the 4 hour hell rounds with active sieges against the MPs on ship and xenos on FOB. Good times.

But on a serious note, I am very glad you enjoy MT. It is one of it not my favorite roles. All rounds are different and it does suck to put that much effort in only for it to end early. But fear not. Keep it up. Hope to see you around more.


The day this happens is the day Bob Cross deploys as XO and leads the charge.

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This is what I made when I got the chance to: