sidearm is impractical to carry

for some reason we have one for carrying pistol ammo only

with the terrible medical update no one would take that at all. In the first place why should medics get something like that. They should be doing their jobs and not shooting xenos.
pump + buckshot is all they need for self defense in the backlines.

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I don’t see why any medic will ditch their medical supplies for 2 minute of fighting then running to FOB to restock and back to front. Also we already have a belt similar to that being the one that can also hold a defib.

Because more options = more fun.

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Are you trying to say TGMC is more fun because they have free attachies plus like 100 weapons?

Anyway as a Medic that Has a Pistol Belt in their loadout. Plus a M39/M41 that I just one hand constantly or drop and pick up. I shall put my two cents in.

If for whatever reason the Mag Harn offends you and you don’t want to use it. Then you might as well slap a pistol belt in the slot and hold your gun at all times. Because then you don’t suffer the equip + wield times. Meaning even if you have a full stock and v grip on. You instantly wield that shit. And now if you get yeeted onto the floor. If you had the mag harn you would have the wield penalty anyway so for anything other than a shotgun, you’re wasting time getting it up. Or wasting ammo.

With a Panic Pistol™ They’re all instantly wieldable and can be used fine in one hand even from the holster. This means you can mag dump the xeno with near zero delay. And if you don’t suck at reloading it’s fast enough to get back up. I say this mostly using a M4A3 because there’s no Mod 88 Custom.

And bear in mind that I can still carry 7 mags for my primary as a corpsman. So I dunno what you guys are on. All your sacrificing is mag harn. Which for some people I can see as a big deal. But it’s personal choice of your gear load out. *shrug


Side note: Can’t carry M41A rifle magazine boxes on you back unless you’re using a IMP ammo rack. Found that out the hard way. Loose rounds for 10x24 work, M39 and I’m pretty sure M4RA mag boxes are wearable on the back too. Then your buckshot, loose, and whatevers. M41A mag boxes aren’t though.

So just a Medical version of the Pistol Tool belt? I’d dig that. The old medical rig when it carried pistol ammo was either used for just medical supplies or just ammo. No in between. Though I could see that working somewhat well. Take a general storage belt for your armour slot, Pistol Medical belt, Large pistol mag pouch and whatever other medical pouch you like to run.

Easy setup would be a buyable or an alternative Medical Belt (the 14 slot one that holds large items) that can holster 1 Pistol, but it can not carry any pistol magazine.

It’d be niche, but it could be useful for the Corpsman who wants to carry an easily accessible pistol. Either as a fallback weapon for a Shotgun/M41A/M4RA, or to carry backup pistols if the Corpsman is carrying a pistol as their primary.

Pistol pouch, 2-4 spare magazines for it in your armor (depending on what armor you are taking), magazine pouch for your primary gun’s magazines. Set-up I have been taking for 2 and a half years as a medic now :slight_smile:

wait, so as a medic, you eschew a lifesaver belt, for a m39 and a pistol?

bro you know the PFC mini medic kit got removed years ago right? if you’re gonna play a medic please don’t be a PFC+, keep a single gun with like a couple of mags for self defense and let the shooty boys do most of the shooting please

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You can put a pistol belt in your suit storage slot, which is what I think is what they are saying

I’ll just say, but if you are bringing a M41A/M4RA plus a Shotgun, you have no reason to complain about struggling to carry a pistol.

Unfortunately I left my IA bottle on the ship.

I feel like you don’t have any context other than the second line of my reply. Because from the initial sentences of the next paragraph you’d understand that I just fucking carry the primary weapon in my hand.

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a weapon that can’t be holstered is easily lost when you need it the most, like when you have to drop it to use two hands and have to retreat from an enemy before you can grab it.

disposable weapons are one thing, but if you cannot holster your primary weapon it’s vestigial as far as I am concerned

the thing is you are gimping your combat potential HEAVILY without bringing a shotgun, to the point where it’s a mandatory secondary for anyone trying to do any real damage on the frontline

I wish there was more utility with sidearms.
but I wouldn’t have a clue where to start with it

Most of the time I run shotgun without MG alongside MD in armor slot. The only times I lose my gun when I would otherwise keep it if armor slot was empty is when I know I’m about to die, which is rarerly.
When do you need to use both hands? Maybe as a medic, but every other role can freely keep a gun in hand all the time. But then you can just drop that weapon and pick it up later via hotkey, even if you drop it in a pile of garbage. Hotkey is already built in and it is like alt+f, or ctrl+f.
But what when you are moving? If you are moving there is no single ability, or item (excluding another gun) that requires both hands to use and still allow movement.

It is true that this is convinient to have empty suit storage even if you don’t have magharness, seeing Queen going for a screech etc, holstering your gun gives you a bit bigger chance that you won’t lose it.
That is why I leave empty space in satchel for MD that I keep in armor for just those occasions.

Sidearm being impractical to carry applies only to roles like ComTech and Medic. Everyone else just sacrifaces additional primary weapon ammo slots.

Never felt like a gun I can’t holster is vestigial. I don’t see how it can be more vestigial than gun that you can holster, but doesn’t have mag harness. Random explosion, pounce, lunge, acid spray, all of that makes you drop your weapon just as if your armor slot was occupied. With unoccupied armor slot you only gain potential to maybe slightly mitigate a situation that is crearly FUBAR for your marine.

Especially when that armor slot is occupied by pistol belt with mod88. You are actually better to not have “e” draw a weapon that is useless one-handed and has any wield delay. Unless you are packing something restricted like MOU, or flamer, you can afford to lose a gun.

Not true. AP mag pulse rifle does more damage than shotgun if we are only talking about it. Buckshot shotgun offers only a high burst damage and a stun, all while being short ranged and with less DPS.

Sidearm being usable while prone/on a stretcher and dragged. Sidearm being able to shoot inside a xeno (you can only pull it out when you can access it via hotkey, so you already sacriface a slot for it).
MD/intel scanner giving faster and more accurate reading when hold in hand, so sidearm + MD loadouts become a thing.
Holding a sidearm/not holding anything incresing chance that melee attack against that human will connect with torso/groin instead of limbs, or head.
Just to start.

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Heavy disagree with shooting any sort of pistol inside xenos, considering it would instantly vaporise the poor thing capping you. It’d be just as bad as when people HEDP inside.


Yeah, unless you did like 10% of the damage, just blasting your M4A3 into a poor runner, gibbing it instantly.

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DPS is not the major factor. if it was, people would be running dualie M4A3s loaded with HP all the time but they don’t do that. if you know how to juggle 2 weapons and can click a sprite at close range then you can wrack up kills pretty fast. PB into MK2 burst works wonders on stunnable castes and it will almost always result in a frag. also the utility of a stun is insane. it will be the difference between a xeno escaping and dying like 75% of the time, and it’s a great way to ward off xenos as well