SideCat - Staff Report: Violation of event protocols - daman453

SideCat - Staff Report: Violation of event protocols - daman453

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Sergey Petrenko

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What are you reporting?:
Violation of event protocols

Description of the incident:
I was hostile CLF survivor on shivas snowball round. I’ve grouped up with other survivors and was surviving together till marines have arrived on planet. I was still wearing full CLF gear aka. uniform, helmet, armor and backpack and I hid myself next to Alamo and waited for marines to pass by, then I got inside Alamo and went shipside to Alamyer. When I got to Alamyer, my radio couldn’t talk in Alamyer to announce my hostility so I went through maints and got to Alamyer’s comms and blew them away to show that there are hostiles on board. Blue alert was raised and then I went to brig to free prisoners, there was CMP in the brig so I shot her to death, took her radio and ID to access ship’s doors and tried to announce over the CMP radio that CLF is on the ship, but for some reason radio didn’t worked and during that time comms were back online on shipside. I’ve placed CMP body in the brig’s lobby and then tried to check cells of brig, but then I had to fight my way through other MPs, after killing them all and freeing cook, I’ve got chased away by XO and then got decapped by him. When I checked MPs corpses, CMP permad by the time, but after a while I noticed that CMP got admin revived. I’ve followed all rules to be able to engage USCM as CLF hostile survivor to best of my ability without mindlessly rushing on them screaming at the top of my lungs: “Death to USCM!”. I find it quite an admin/moderator power abuse that some gets to be revived from perma death while others don’t, despite how frustrating death could be.

Imgur: The magic of the Internet is the CMP that got revived. Don’t have further evidence besides asking to check through logs of that round.

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I was the responding staff member to this ticket. I had shown up later the the round, and because we are still grappling with hostile survivor rules, what is and isn’t ok, we went back and forth in staff chat about this. Managers confirmed later on that hiding in darkness and not being hostile (edit: while heading up to the ship) means you can’t be a hostile to the USCM any longer, and was a violation of the hostile survivor rules. I don’t think you will be punished severely for this, as it’s a edge case. However, what’s more concerning is your ID theft of the CMP.

This breaks rule 2, in regards to ID cards. I did not mention this because i was more concern in the whole situation with the CMP, and you left before we could resolve this.

The CMP was revived with permission from a admin level staff member, i rather not say incase of whatever reason, i’m sure they will respond here however.

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Good day.

I was hostile towards marines from the beginning, marines simply didn’t saw me and I didn’t shot them, because shooting marines the moment they arrive is also rule breaking same as other hostile faction - xenos can’t assault them the moment marines landed and also because that would give out my position and completely put my tactical advantage into the trashcan. No one, besides other survivors who I fought with against xenos didn’t saw me. Not a single crewmember of alamyer or marine.

ID theft was made to access doors through ship. CLF survivors have no engineering tools or skills to hack through doors and only option is to shoot them, but I was low on ammo and was preserving them. If players can’t see that a fully a person in full CLF gear with CMP ID card in hands is suspicious, that’s simply on them. I don’t understand how may that be concerning regarding as rule breaking. As for CMP, they’ve had a full heads up that there are hostiles on ship after I blew up communication centre in Alamyer and blue alert was raised.

With respect, I’ll leave my two cents regarding hostile survivors rules of engagement with USCM as CLF. I understand my opinion will most likely be disregarded, but if you’re willing to read it, please do.

I personally think, that the only rules of engagement for hostile survivor is to suicidally charging marines with blind hate is low RPish. They might as well just do the same by charging towards xeno hive. If a lone survived CLF member with burning hatred towards USCM and W-Y wants to damage them as much as they possibly can, they should have ability to do their task with more stealthy approach to raise the success rate of their task. It would be simply more logical. I understand that it is frustrating to die in ambush gunfire while you were expecting to fight xenomorphs, but that is simply problem on you. You reap what you sow for stranding alone with no one to back you up. You can get killed the same way, but just by lurker/runner/warrior. I personally try not to engage marines unless I’ve been found by them to not break their fun, so I’m mostly assaulting MPs, because MP role is made specifically to protect ship against any humanoid threat. I find it quite amusing, how MP role has all the tools to control and subdue any law breaking or human threat, because THAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THEIR ROLE, yet when they don’t succeed in it, just like marine doesn’t succeed in eliminating xenomorph threat, majority of them start to ask for help from moderators/admins. How am I suppose to get shipside to assault USCM ship without killing myself against platoon of marines while screaming at the top of my lungs: “DEATH TO THE USCM!”. I think having ability to stealthy approach this situation should be allowed, of course without changing uniforms and being friendly at first with marines and then backstabbing. CLF survivors should be viewed the same way as xenomorphs, why xenomorphs are allowed to sneak as larva into alamyer without hurting anyone while not being found and then reek havoc on ship, while CLF can’t? This will make rounds more fun for both sides, CLF get to not suicide charge as their only option while MPs get to do something else besides arresting mischievous MTs and marines. We could also add rule that hostile survivors can’t dragged killed by them USCM, W-Y members away from their death spot so that they could have a chance to be revived.
tl:dr CLF survivors having only option to engage USCM members by charging and screaming is low RP and should have more stealth approach without being friendly at first or changing uniforms.

Thank you for your attention.


Your ideas seem alright, it’s just nothing has been set in stone by higher management. Hopefully a clarification is issued in regards to this, having hostile survivors is fun shakeup.

Just got around to seeing this, but I was the CMP that round.

If anything, I would look at the behavior of the other MPs. They repeatedly ignored my orders to get to brig. They waited about five minutes until I after I died to come to brig, and by that time I was already perma. So if anything it was NOD on their part for refusing to come to brig.

This is not a violation of event protocols. Staff members have discretion to give an aheal when investigating potential rule breaks, or circumstances regarding questionable deaths.

This is a judgement call, and per our own code of conduct

Listen to higher ranking staff members

  • Every staff member should comply with what the higher ranking staff member decides on. They have been promoted to a higher rank for a reason. If you have a problem with the staff member, do not argue with them. Bring it up in the staff discussion areas provided outside the server (such as the staff discord), or mention it to your respective Manager.

He said he was following admin direction, and management has since posted a clarification on hostile survivor rules.