Silent OB problem

Already many times I die playing xenos because of a silent OB or something like that, when you move very quickly, or crawled out of a tunnel, apparently the sound files do not start playing if you were far away at the time of launch. It is possible to make these sounds not one large long file, but cut them into pieces and play them sequentially? So that when you enter this zone, you begin to hear the sound of an approaching blow.

I mean, this could work? not sure but still, LOOK AT THE CHAT you get 3 warnings all in massive red text

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I don’t know how it works in the back end but I do agree that the issue of silent OB, CAS or Mortar strikes is quite annoying to deal with.

Far more often than not I have died to these attacks due to the fact I could not hear the attack until it was too late.

Just yesterday I was struck by a Incin Warhead and killed, a warhead that I did not at all get any sound notification about, and my only warning was glancing at my chat box and noticing “THE SKY IS FALLING” a second before I died. Sadly I also accidently killed another xeno player since I was body blocking them, unaware they were trying to escape.

You should not be dying to these attacks because the sound decides to not load.

You know, maybe the game should block all other sounds except the OB when it happens.

This is the issue with dropships landing as well, if you come from another Z level of the pad and then run all the way to the dropship pad and you get there right before it lands, there will be no warning lights or audio queue to tell you it’s landing, so if you decide to cross the pad thinking it’s safe you get gibbed.

I think something interesting to add for this, is to add a special status icon on your screen.
Like when in regular ss13, when the grav generator gets blown up, you see a status icon of a man floating. Now if an OB would be in your range, you see this new status come up and it is just a nuke symbol or whatever…
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