Similar apology thread

Hey everyone I’ve hurt with shitty behaviors in the past.
I apologize for them and I’ve been actively working towards being a less petty and overall better person.

I know I don’t deserve ‘oh wow thank you for apologizing’ posts because honestly they will not fix the harm done.

I might play a bit regularly but I will probably stay away from the community aspect but also this game fucking stinks so no promises.
Edit: this isnt meant to be dragging Chris’s thread btw

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Hello guys sowy for that admin aplication in 2020/2021 owo XD

Hey guys, im sowwy


Despite the other posts and community view of you I genuinely do believe everybody can change and I hope that you do change in a way that you think is bettering yourself. Bad decisions do not define you and the hurt cannot be taken away but it can be prevented in the future.

Good luck on your journey, wherever it may take you in both CM and outside of it.

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due to the theme of this thread im not sorry for anything ive ever said or did and I own it all and when my month ban is up ill be back


Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words.


true, which is why I never apologize and only double down. Also - who?

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