Simple Ammo Factory/minigame for OTs

See Foxhole.

Anyways, basically: the concept is that the OTs do a minigame factory line that makes AP ammo canisters or magazines. Balance could be scaled around how fast they are able to do it. Ammo could cost points similar to how the dropship part fab works, or cost metal materials.

Could also make incendiary ammunition through plasteel bullets and having welding fuel/napalm in a certain tank.

I think it’d be dope.

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“Too OP, next”

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I think it would be fun but would never happen.

making AP ammo as an OT doesn’t sound too powerful to me, if anything it may end up being a poor use of your time since you could be working on other more impactful stuff instead.
incendiary however could get out of hand very quickly.

A minigame sounds interesting, biggest concern is the potential to get tedious instead of fun. it my be nice for a round or two but once you hit your tenth hour making bullets its bound to be rather stale.

All in all i am completely onboard to find a use for all the fancy ammo types that are shown in the wiki and just kinda sit around doing nothing.
You’d probably have to involve research and command somehow and have it as an alternative tie breaker in the techweb possibly?