Slimer sentinel

Slimer sentinel


  • Slime: A purple liquid that is sprayed like acid spray. It’s effects are zero damage, but rooting the victim(s) for a second or two, then applies a slowdown.
  • Weak Slime: Applies a slowdown

A sent strain that is pure combat support that doesn’t try to fit in a weird niche that we’ve been trying to fit sent into for a while ( one billion sent reworks later ) that will hopefully give sent some love and utility.

Active 1: Spit neuro, ditto
Active 2: Neuro slash (Replaces paralyzing slash)
Buffs the next slashes you do for a few seconds to inject a bit of boiler neuro effect. (non debilitating but should weaken)
Active 3: Spray Weak Slime
Instantly spray a medium ranged line of weak slime (3-4 tiles?)
Active 4: Slime ball
Throws a ball of slime that spreads it around in small area. Explodes relatively quickly. It’s effect is based on the amount of empower you have.
Default: 1 weak slime in each dir + normal slime on center

Passive 1: Empower
Slashing X amount of talls in a row while Neuro slash is enabled upgrades your slime ball

  1. 2 tile in each dir weak slime
  2. 3 tile in each dir weak slime + slime in center (slightly slower explosion)

Yes, now I can finally complain about all the slimers in CM