Some small changes

I’ve recently been thinking about a few small changes that I would like to see. Feel free to share yours here as well.

Mainly, I want to see some sort of difference between Oxy and Anesthetic for surgery. Using Oxy for surgery should be a last resort, and not something that shipside doctors prefer over using anesthetic. Oxy has no drawbacks whatsoever, which makes anesthetic pointless. What can be done to change that? Make people still feel pain from surgery while using Oxy. Oxy isn’t meant to be used for surgery, but as a pain-reliever for post-op and what not. It’s not going to make you not feel pain when you have someone wrist-deep in your organs, and moving bones around.

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People use oxy instead of anesthetic because oxy lets you talk. Getting surgery is already a very unengaging experience, and being unconscious makes it even worse. With oxy you can roleplay with doctor, communicate with your squad etc. Why would you nerf it?


Don’t forget that if the doctor is new you can help them in LOOC while being treated using Oxy whereas anesthetic you just got to pray they use Mentorhelp or the wiki.

You can get marked for LRP for doing that.

Force marines to fear RP getting they chest cavity reorganized

I get what you mean. But too realistic often can hinder fun gameplay. Or in this case RP. Yes in real live it would be diffrent, but this is a game. So changes should be added for game play and not to make it more like real live just because.

Anyway, my thing i ABSOLUTLY need is the cargo train being actually abel to get creats on its wagons. Not it also being on the almayer roundstart or something like that. Just being abel to put creats on the wagons. Hell, dont even fix the train. Just do the creats thing.
And yes the train is broken. You cant reatach wagons ones there off. But i dont care about that. My cargonian heart needs the train in its live. DO IT!

One other thing would be abel to have an option for squad specific helmet feathers in character setup. Come on, there are only feathers in squad colors. Im baffelt that this isnt there yet.

ok im done