Soulbound trait

Had the idea boiling in my head for a little bit

I realised that often you can get extra information than you deserve from being dead and I personally dislike that, it’s often unavoidable or accidental to learn extra information I normally would not be able to know

EG -
Queen tells the xenos of a flank from the west
The CL is boasting about having greenos and such

Situations I would normally be unknowning of (or will possibly find out LATER), removes the element of surprise.

My idea is a " Soulbound " trait that will prevent you from ghosting a reviveable body UNLESS it goes DNR/Perma and you are unable to hear deadchat while reviveable and waiting in your body.


personally i dont see it happening as a trait (because nobody would pick it), but limiting ghosting after death definitely should happen.

what i see as an alternative is a change that applies to all humans:

  • when you die, you have super limited vision (not enough to see the lurker at the edge of your screen, but enough to see the medic coming in and dragging you back

  • you should be able to see exactly how much time you have until you perma no matter what (because being dead like this is basically a giant loading screen waiting/hoping for medics)

  • ghosting means you can’t re-enter your body (basically go DNR)

  • you can see and talk to ghosts (so it’s not just 5 minutes of doing nothing)

  • optional as an interesting feature would be to reveal more of your screen the closer you are to perma


My thinking on this topic, (Though it is somewhat already implemented due to the pref of being able to join xenomorphs when unrevivable) is binding the marine to their body for the remaining time, preventing them from hopping into a hugger or ERT (should admemes have an event or one was sent out for one reason or another such as foxtrot) .

That way those who have been waiting the longest can hop back into the game faster than those who just died. This will average out the time it takes to get back into the game essentially, also disallowing for those joining xenos and still being revivable. Often when this happens (or they Disconnect which cant be avoided) is just a once active marine who just stands there SSD.

My thinking on this is probably quite wrong or is already somewhat implemented though. This is just my two cents I suppose

While I do agree with it, this was more of a solution to combat people who do not want to accidentally/unintentionally without will, gain more information than they deserve by being dead.

This is somewhat akin to hardcore mode where people COULD of done it before legitimately (going DNR the instant you die) but making it less difficult to do a one life challenge.

This was meant to be more of a easy solution for certain players not to garner OOC information and for everything to be a bit more of a surprise!