SSOT-713 - Enforcement Action Taken - daman453

SSOT-713 - Enforcement Action Taken - daman453

What’s your BYOND key:

When did this incident occur:

Your character name:
2nd Lt Ivan Sanchez

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What are you reporting?:
Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:
Woke up like any other normal day on the USS Almayer, got gear’d up wtih another PO Emily something. Decided I was going to do transport and her do CAS, went up around 12:08 to start fabricating and installing sentries, lz-locator, cooling system, fulton and fuel enhancer.

Around 12:12 Started Comms for Alamo, letting CO know transport is prepped. Some DCC (Lucas) got transferred to the alamo to work with me, who unfortunately speaks little to no english. Marines started boarding and causing problems including trying to detonate a fuel tank an engi dragged inside. Including multiple un-authorized personal including an IO in the cockpit messing with the phone above weapons console and other bullshit.

To stop this, disarmed the troublemaking marine trying to shoot the fuel tank with my machete to tell him to cut it out (unironically). They bugged out, and demanded MPs to come arrest me, the CMP came to drag the IO out of my cockpit (I don’t know why CMP just came for him), the CMP noticed the meatbags telling him I was stabbing marines.

CMP said I didn’t kill anyone so there’s no crime, the marines yelled in the back of DS for me to NOT fly them, in response I said “No transport pilot then, I’m going to cryo-sleep.”, they (Marines and the primary people accusing me) insisted I go to cryo-sleep. So I went, got all my hard work uninstalled from Alamo and placed it by fabrication machine. Went towards my old profession hangout (Vehicle Crewman Bunks) and hopped in the cryo chamber.

What I’m being banned for is doing all that intentionally: marines didn’t want me to fly them, I didn’t, they want me to go to cryo-sleep, I did. I don’t get what the issue is, am I not suppose to listen to what they want me to do?

-In the ban message, says I was dropship crew chief, I was a PO piloting Alamo as transport, so bad information from the get go, as I spoke with daman on discord #staff-help, he was 3rd-party staff member and didn’t get my side. Went off of the ticket with falsify/bad/malicious information from that original reporter.
-In the ban message, says I went to hide in cryo after being told I was being arrested, no where did CMP ever go over comms saying to arrest me nor were they trying to.

-Long story short, Original reporter prob got salty or some shit over me not flying them after losing, after they told me NOT to, so they made up a dumb ticket. PS I’m not mad at the staff member (Daman), he’s just doing his job, just bad situation. I’ll eat the ban time if that makes the point, but I don’t agree with the ban message/description.




Hello! Good to see that you got over your starting trouble with the forums.

Looking at the logs, you joined the game. Everything seems normal until you start making combat logs in the dropship with other marines. I can’t find any logs of you and the CMP speaking in person, and the CMP is very confused to why they were involved with you.

You then grabbed the upgrades and recycled them, while also cyroing to avoid punishment. The CO at the time, Phillip Clap, felt so strongly that they wanted to BE you over your actions.

I escalated so much because it was a serious greifing incident with clear intent and malice behind it. You know how cyro pods work, and you know that just because a few marines say that you should stop being a pilot doesn’t mean you should stop, yet alone take time out of cyroing to post in common radio about it. If you feel mad, or overwhelmed, you should cyro. No shame in it, it prevents incidents like this from happening.

(The ticket is worded wrong, you were a PILOT OFFICER, however, other tickets that others made place you as hiding the removed upgrades)

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Making it seem like I went up to an already fully-upgraded ship that someone else did all the work and messed up their day, when it’s not the case, I undid my own work, I did NOT recycle them, that is incorrect. Again, I placed them near fabrications and went towards APC crewman bunks to sleep, if it was recycled it was done after I was in cryo by the other PO.

I still don’t understand this “grief”, what griefing was there? Is this minecraft? Who did I hurt? The only person who was affected by me taking off the parts should be the PO of Alamo, which is me. Huh? If you got “griefing” from “recycling the parts” in the original report, that’s not what happened, that’s what you told me to do, make a staff report to have the false information sorted out.

CMP or Warden, red beret with star icon, came to cockpit to retrieve the IO playing on the phone during the machete/marine/fuel-tank situation, whichever MP it was.

You keep saying trying to avoid or hide from punishment, acting like there was an alert issue to go arrest me or MPs desperately chasing/hunting me down, to MY knowledge, there was none of that prior to me going cyro after being TOLD to do so.

Next time I won’t follow orders :joy:


i’ll go over your answer and then i’ll let logs be pulled.

Even if you yourself did all the work, undoing the work you did greifed every marine in the operation indirectly by removing upgrades just before first drop. Just because you did the work doesn’t mean you can then just remove said work. Does the MT remove every broken window if they have to cyro? Does the SO has the right to remove all squad orders in the overwatch console when they leave? Does the researcher have the right to dump every chem and everything else they have worked on over the round because they are leaving?

There might be log issues around this, or i can’t find them, but the CMP doesn’t seem to be anywhere nearby you, but tickets sent to staff place him to talking to you, and you claim he talked to you.

Logs show that you slashed a marine with a machete, after a another marine disarmed them. This is assault with a deadly weapon. They then started to disarm you before the XO comes into the dropship. The marines around say that you stabbed a marine with a machete, and the XO errs on the side of caution by asking the MP’s to check out the incident. While i can’t find any logs of the CMP or any member of security talking to you, people speaking and tickets state that the CMP did question you about the incident. This is when you went to cyro. While no arrest warrant was issued, the CMP was likely to find you guilty and you knew you would be brigged. You are avoiding IC punishment by doing this, for the exact reason that you would be punished for slashing a marine with a machete. I can’t find any logs of anyone telling you that shouldn’t pilot them, again. Maybe i am missing stuff, this is why i’m waiting for logs.

The CO might have been there in person as well, and they did tell you to cyro but that is not a order AND often said when it clear that a person is upset. They also ordered you to not remove the upgrades, after you relayed on common that you were going to remove them. If you had followed this order, then would be a IC issue.

The ban note should be reworded, as it’s awful, but i stand by the punishment.

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I’ll be closing this report and accepting the note.
While harsh and not the best wording, you deserved the ban.