Stimmed Marines Have Obvious Sprite

Stims can be a very powerful gamechanger, ergo knowing if a marine is stimmed can be vitally important.

I’d propose that whenever any marine has consumed a stim, for the duration of its effects, their sprite should receive a unique sprite to better denote the fact the user is stimmed up.

Simplest solution would be a ‘pyro flame walker’ effect but in a different colour (red maybe).

Why can’t I like mods’ messages? Anyway I agree. There are chat messages I guess (twitches, blinks rapidly etc.), but a better visual indication would be very useful. Maybe jitter or something.

I’d like the mindbreaker effect on stims to sometimes make other marines appear as xenos similar to how it’ll conjure up fake people who attack you, but just replacing some random marines’ sprite with like a warrior or something

just seems thematic and a sensible tradeoff to juicing that you have to start actually being careful what you click on


On one hand, I totally agree with what you’re saying. On the other, I think it is quite easy to look at a dude running at Mach 10 and make the realization that they’re stimmed, lol.

But yeah, I get stims can do more than make you the Flash, so I agree that there should be a more obvious visual cue. Maybe have them shake a little bit, as if they ODed on coffee? I get that it may then be easy to confuse a stimmed marine with someone who just drank coffee, but I honestly think that could help to mess xenos and would make more sense ICly than if they had a bright glow coming from their skin.

I feel like an overlay is a bit too “game-y”, although I’m not entirely sold on the idea, you could instead make the marine jitter more as they sometimes already do. Would be much more natural


Marines can jitter from too much coffee, any indicator has to be unique and visible.

Thankfully, marines never take coffee at the frontline


Correct, overlay would break immersion. Jittering or other emotes would be a better more RP friendly move. Of course, this begs the question, how hard would it be to code.


Moreover, how hard for xenotards to discern from other rinetard behavior from caffeine, mindbreaker, etc.


Lifesteal and queens heal should have different sprites, queens eye should have a spec item that you can throw on her eye icon to blind her for 5 minutes or something also.

Doesn’t this already exist? I swear if a marine is on MST they get a faint red outline glow.

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Not really, it has not. And coffee is a stimulator in it’s own way, so it’s fitting.

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No, why should you see that a marine can be stimmed. Why can’t we see that a xeno is under pheromones like a jittery effect or give it eyebrows showing it’s angry when under wardening. This is litterally unnecessary and therefore -1. You shouldn’t see that a marine had NST 10. Enough xeno hand holding.


I mean, if we go lore wise, then a Xeno could probably notice a marine is stimmed. At least in the alien comics.

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While I agree 100% with “enough xeno hand holding” there is plenty of visible xeno tags like ravs zerker and hedge, boilers icon for glob etc etc.

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You also get to know roughly how much HP a Xeno has by how damaged it looks, while marines just get a red face somewhat if they get slashed once.

I’m like 90% sure if you’re on a MST stim you glow with a red outline, can anyone confirm


I don’t believe so, but I never really paid attention to my sprite when I play, so idk.

I have seen red outline but then again i’ve seen stims without the outline also. But like above player said, they’re zooming at you at mach10 resisting stuns. Its clear as day.

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this is a marine buff disguised as a xeno nerf :rofl:

  • Marine sees a marine with colored outline on the frontline
    • oh shit we have stims! (will actually care about finding stims)
    • ask stimmed marine where they got their stims

and now the entire frontline is stimmed instead of 3 people who actually use the injectors (ESPECIALLY DURING FOB SIEGE).

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