Stimmed Marines Have Obvious Sprite

I think any visual change might help xenos with skillissue which again, if you cant see that the marine that just became 20x more confident and is alos 20x faster you kinda deserve to get punished. The only reason we have a giant shield on porcupines when they have the bullet reflect or whatever is because marines will still shoot at the thing that causes shrapnel when its shot at.

I feel like the text popups would be cool either way. Makes it feel like they are stimmed because at times the best thing to help my immersion is the red text saying how I feel like im walking on air and if I punch a wall I would break it.

I feel like this is just xeno skill issue because again when marines who usually fear RP just got way more confident and fast and you cant tell that they are porbs stimmed up then you should be punished for it. I believe xeno should be high skill because you are given so much more power than the average marine so giving them a mechanic to handhold for something marines still have to work and get. This still needs shipside to make and build this and there is a chance that by the time its shipped ir wont change anything.

TLDR; Xenoskill issue. Just use your eyes.

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If you want to be fancy about it you could give marines on stims an after image when they walk. Like that spiny thingy that lets you run fast from some ss13 servers. Like a very obvius visual indicator for someone being fast in animation is that you can see the after image as they run. Im pretty sure TG has the item i mean, so you could just try and snag the code from them.

I also have some concerns to how the if statement for this would look like, but ehh. I dont know well enough how CMs code runs to properly voice said concerns.

+1 glowing eyes