Make survivors more resistant to internal damage or just remove the fact that Tail stab can litterallly give you IB. I really hate the fact that I can’t PB a fucking drone without getting tail stabbed into the head while getting IB’ed

I’ve seen lots of threads asking for surv buffs but it’s always met with “survivor is hard, cope” or something to that affect. Can’t say I disagree either.


ugh, no. :slight_smile:

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Then don’t try to go into melee range of the melee focused faction as the dedicated “objective: survive” role that gets given 99% shitty gear and if you’re lucky some good stuff


skill issue

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certified cope thread, sorry but if a drone got the nerve to tailstab you in the head then it aint scared enough of getting pb’d man

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Queen heal go brrr. Light nerf go brrr

Here’s my proposal.

All survivors now spawn in the same location on every map.

Team work makes the dream work. Better odds of cooperation if you all start in the same area, it makes balance sense and thematic sense. You are survivors, you didn’t just roll out of bed to discover everyone else is dead.

I think it does make thematic sense for survivors to start off in different areas, as mass panic usually serves as a great way to get people to split up to try and find shelter, but I do agree that survs needs to start off in the same area. It’d be especially useful for newer players who may not have the maps memorized yet.

This would be perfect! The amount of times I’ve got killed/capped because I’m running around from point A to B tying to find folks who just don’t turn the radio on is a damn nightmare. Plus it might make folks not just hide in lockers as often or atleast we’d KNOW that’s what they’re planning on doing.

Aside from that I’d love a few more surv slots so we end up with (hopefully) more diverse surv role spawns. Having no engineers or doctors but 3-4 security goons (or the one time 4 CLs) can be rough. Plus that means the survs aren’t relying so heavily on the there being a synth around too so they’re more free to do a bar or gardening or whatever the synth might want to do.

it makes sense too, if you are the only people left after the xenomorph incursion wouldnt you want to be with the other people who made it out? There’s a chance the only reason you survived is by being with other people.

I made the proposal: Survivors Spawn In Same Area by Steelpoint · Pull Request #4624 · cmss13-devs/cmss13 · GitHub

Will echo my concern as I commented on the PR. Sometimes the only opportune time to cap survivors early is because they’re split up.
Xeno already has very little motivation to actually try to cap survivors in the small window before they head to unbreachable or hard to access areas like secdome (lv624) or south of lz1 on fiorina to name a couple.

I don’t on principle disagree with the idea of making survivors spawn together - I think it’s a good idea. But I think it also needs to be accompanied with a rebalancing of areas which allow survivors to just sit tight with no risk until xeno get to tier 3 at which point it swings completely the other direction.

The only place that honestly fits that description is secure dome. But after 20 minutes secure dome has very odds of becoming a coffin. But here’s the thing your concern while understandable needs to also keep in mind as a Xenomorph you have several mechanics that honestly kinda trivialize 90 percent of what survivors can do to you provided the Xeno has more then one functioning brain cell.

I’ve seen more holds then not get utterly destroyed by 1-2 defenders simply by the virtue of the survivors not getting any form of flamer by the virtue of RNG. Unless the Xenomorphs are utterly brain damaged (which does happen but it’s not a factor to count on.) Them being smart and picking areas that are harder to breach is something is to be rewarded. I understand that might not be thrilling to you but I think you should play some survivor to actually get better context.

This statement doesn’t even factor in the survivor nerf’d some of which were very justified to do but it doesn’t change that at current it’s RNG dependent if the survivors will even be able to make a practical hold outside of those harder to break in areas.

When you have mechanics in place that pretty much trivialize what can be done to do you shouldn’t be complaining when the playerbase is doing what it can to counter and play around that. Especially in the broader strokes would be a horrible alternative once marines show up and it no longer fighting 2-5 smucks and the entire marine force.

TBH, I don’t think Steelpoints PR will make much of a difference. Like if a new player is playing survivor they probably shouldn’t be nor would I really be behind giving survivors the type of buffs proposed in Pablo’s post. Overall survivor is in a good spot barring encountering a defender which could be an RNG experience depending on what loot spawned. (Looking at you Kutjevo.)

At current provided you don’t run into funny defender who lowers crest and goes brrrt. In the loop of survivors if you do the following you have decentish odds to survive.

-Get weapons
-Get materials
-Get meds
-Shame lockerhiders for being dead weight. Bonus points if they’re CLF survivors.

You stand at least okayish odds under the current system of surviving and I think that’s where it should be.


@Aces thank you for the counter argument and good points raised. I was going to address some points but it somewhat goes outside of the scope of the original PR so I’ll leave it for now.

I would indeed like to try playing survivor once I get around to playing all the timelocked roles I have to do first.