Syndro101 - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Ordosian

Syndro101 - Staff Report: Enforcement Action Taken - Ordosian

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Jackson ‘Firebird’ Ryes

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What are you reporting?:

Enforcement Action Taken

Description of the incident:

I was noted for SoftGriefing the CL one round on Trijent Dam. The CL’s office (left side with the pod) was altered by having the 3 window frames at the front deconstructed, making it a semi-open floor plan.1 wall at the liquor cooler was also deconstructed, this was all that was deconstructed/altered, when asked by the CL to fix the damage, I agreed and patched anything damaged. Both parties (the CL and myself) found the situation humorous, I feel the note to be slightly unfit for a situation that was handled purely IC’ly without incident.

I feel the only reason I was noted was that a similar incident happened the round before without my involvement with the CL, I was largely unaware this had taken place. My character has an IC reason to hate Corporations. Part of their backstory is that they had to perform some pretty inhumane acts during their stint as a PMC, and while this may not be found acceptable, I still believe the action taken against me to be more than necessary.

I understand that there are always two sides to a story, and I would be interested to hear others’ views on why the action taken is considered fair.

The CL involved was Tina J. Kench if I recall.


The PM’s before noting, the note and the round information.

Hi, I played as Tina J. Kench this round.

I want to say, I was mistaken in thinking Syndro had participated in the previous round’s shenanigans, which I thought was a fun RP scenario, and which was handled ICly. I was annoyed the second round it happened, so i Ahelped it. I want to make it known I certainly found it funny both times, I was tired of it in the moment as it happened twice in a row. I was content with the way it was resolved ICly, and I certainly didn’t want them to be noted, at most warned. It was dealt with quickly and without complaint from Syndro, I don’t think they deserve a note.

Right. To Clarify.

Notes exist for us staff to log anything that comes up. I noted you for it because MTs have been doing this regularly. I didn’t note you because of the previous round as I wasn’t investigating that situation. I just know that it occurred.

Another reason why I decided to note you is because of the way you took my PMs. Regarding the fact that “so I should just stay at the construction site every single MT round, or make someone a rug.” I believe you can see how that comes off.

I am all for roleplay situations but let us take for example that you did it to a CL that wouldn’t have found it humorous that their office got deconstructed. That’s negatively impacting that player. Hence the note.

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The PMs were abrasive I will grant you, I was already irritated at a situation being handled OOC’ly when it was already being solved IC’ly without incident. That irritation crossed over into our PMs and it shouldn’t have, for that I’m sorry.

I understand every case is different and that you’re here for all players, but all parties (bar staff) found the note to be unnecessary.

Addendum: Could this not have been handled by military police?

All information appears to be here, Ill be elevating to a pending verdict.

Blockquote Rule 0.1
If staff use “In-Character” behavior adjusment, no warning notes and/or bans shall be issued, unless further rule violations take place. Players shall not request a staff member to handle things “In-Character” and the final decision rests solely on the staff member conducting the investigation

It was ahelped, and although the player is coming after the fact saying well I was annoyed but not annoyed now, it was still investigated, and you were given a warning. No protocols were violated.