Tallfission - Player Report: Ancient Runner (HE-716-HE), Rule 6. No Metagaming or Metacommunication

Tallfission - Player Report: Ancient Runner (HE-716-HE), Rule 6. No Metagaming or Metacommunication

What’s your BYOND key?


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Keaton Howard

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Accused character name:

Ancient Runner (HE-716-HE)

What rule(s) were broken?:

Rule 6. No Metagaming or Metacommunication

Description of the incident:

On Shivas Snowball, I was a survivor. I decided that I’d hide in a locker because everybody was scattered for far too long and uncoordinated to have any real chance at survival. I was hiding in an engineering closet at Aerodome near LZ1, for a good 10 minutes, before HEHE ran through a window and with zero hesitation came up to my particular locker and smashed it open. They tackled me almost as fast as they found me, which was very suspect in my eyes (Though I’m not sure if this can be confirmed via logs)

Somebody who said they’d been observing the entire round told me that they had died as a drone before and said “lmao i’d observe to see whre the survs hiding spots are but i wouldnt be allowed to search for survs anymore”.

I don’t know if much is going to be accomplished, given it’s near impossible to prove metacomms, usually, but I hope that this can be resolved


DEAD: Jack Banes (F) says, "They ghosted. Said DEAD: Elder Drone (HE-428-HE) (F) says, “lmao i’d observe to see whre the survs hiding spots are but” "
DEAD: Jack Banes (F) says, “DEAD: Elder Drone (HE-428-HE) (F) says, “i wouldnt be allowed to search for survs anymore””
^ Not conclusive for anything, please pull logs to confirm if this is actually true, and if they actually did orbit me or jump to me

I was idly observing for this round but I did see the runner go into the LZ1 hangar and not even slash the lit light behind Keaton’s locker, they just immediately opened it (also it was the middle one of three, all in a line vertically, unlocked and identical). I believe this same runner also found the other surv, who was also hiding in a locker, in Research far to the SW. Just what I saw, imagine a log pull can show if they follow’d the survs and respawned.

Hello, i’m the person you are reporting

I did not metagame this round. I am just very experienced at Surv hunting, and there’s like, barely any lockers that are good to check on Shivas. You were just unlucky and using a bad hiding spot. Let me break it down for you:

Your locker was unlocked. Survs like to hide in unlocked lockers, and the easiest route to get to the lockers once i saw them was through the window (i was rouny, so windows are just easier doors). IDK if those lockers are NORMALLY unlocked (but i checked them anyway, and boom, you were there). The reason i went immediately south is because there was no lockers anywhere except hangar that i wanted to check - medsec was the hive location (while its hard to trust my teammates for much when they often don’t help for survs, they usually at a minimum secure the hive and dont let random lockerhiders sneak in), and that big stretch of valley has no lockers that are worth my time since you have to open ALL those annoying powered doors. You were literally just in the most unlucky spot since i wanted to check that area first LOL.

Tackling IMMEDIATELY after finding a lockerhiding surv is standard practice, since the MASSIVE locker stun allows a free knockdown as any caste. This is why lockerhiding is a bad strat, because if you get that rng chance of being found, you will just be a free cap with no counterplay (PLUS it’s incredibly boring and a waste of everyones time). People have accused me of metagame a few ttimes, but that’s just because they don’t understand this (maybe they haven’t ever hunted survs before as xeno, or searched for lockerhiders, or are just new to the survivor role/roundstart xeno role in general).

Now then, onto the actual “meat”: 1 dude in deadchat said there was lockerhiders. I did not want to hear this, he just blurted it out. I did not want to know this because I was already planning on respawning and searching for survs and lockerhiders. It made me KNOW there was lockerhiders present, but still, I would of checked lockers anyway so it’s not really metagame, and he very much did not out the locations whatsoever.

I said “i’d observe to see where survs hiding spots are, but i wouldn’t be allowed to search for survs anymore” because :confused: if i orbit you i know your hiding spot, that means its actually metagame if I respawn and start searching for lockerhiders (or even weird hold spots, some people get up to some pretty wacky shit as surv). I actively avoided that, because i wanted to search for lockerhiders on my own since I’m good at it. Getting those early caps helps offset the damage I do to the hive for the like, 9 times I die as rouny throughout a round.

y would i care about a light behind a locker if im searching for survs? :confused: i literally didnt even know there was a light there?

also the research guy was even more obvious. He literally took the armor implant and toxic mk1 mags + the mk1 gun itself, and expected the xenos not to notice… He hid around in the SAME area he took it from too. Normally people run away since hiding in a place with evidence that you were there is a bad strategy, but he decided he wanted to stick around.

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also lol the quote itself is pretty out of context to paint me in a bad light. The only reason i said that was because i was genuinely thinking about whether i want to orbit the survs and sacrifice the rest of my survhunting round, or to hunt survs and lockerhiders bcus i was having a conversation with a dude about lockerhiders. I ended up watching youtube instead (i actually said that i guess ill watch yt until i get a buried.)

The only reason i’d orbit a surv that i know is lockerhiding is if I like, ghost out of salt, or otherwise just decide i don’t want to look for them. And if i ghost a surv i’ll let other xenos find their hiding spot as to not ruin it

I’m just going off of what I’ve got (which isn’t an awful lot, in fairness)

Logs should come soon enough.The reason I made the report is because the way you ran at me was very suspicious, on top of the fact that you’d already died, on top of the fact that you said that in dchat, and on top of the fact that other people said they were suspicious of you in dchat as well (So I knew it wasn’t just me) which has me thinking you ghosted to use it to your advantage

(Also you should REALLY word this better, it makes it sound like it’s not out of the question and I doubt it’s your intention)

The only reason i’d orbit a surv that i know is lockerhiding is if I like, ghost out of salt, or otherwise just decide i don’t want to look for them.