The enjoyment of playing the t2 caste Warrior on CM-SS13

Anybody else love to play warrior on cm ss13

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No I have a social life and multiple hobbies as-well as a significant other.


Unfortunate circumstances for you because the alternative which is playing the t2 caste warrior on Cm ss13 is much better by a large margin


@Usnpeepoo warrior sucks -1 + reported + blocked


we love warrior in this house. it feels like it’s missing something you know like i think punch should instantly break bones and also lunging should do oxygen damage and also it should have a cool sprinting mode where it lowers its arms or something and also


@Usnpeepoo Kill warriors. Behead woyers. Roundhose kick a boxer into the weeds…


I love playing warrior in CM but you know what I really really hate about the game? I HATE GAS CANISTER!!! BILL TORRES SUCKS


Warrior got nerfed hard. Rip to the days of OP warrior.


Bring back boxer warrior!!!


boxer warrior stinks


Warrior is why corners induce a state of heightened alert in marines with more then 10 hours of playtime.


So the pounce is annoying i know but if people keep complaining why have they not been changed. People say its because its the devs are warrior mains but i think that’s unfair. So what’s the real reason unless that is the real reason.

Their lunge is annoying only to the dude who got lunged and if you got lunged thats kind of your fault. Thats the reason

Chad Boxer > Virgin Woyer

Win buttons are bad for the game imo but at the same time the other t2 options are complete dog compared to it. Bring back shotgun spitter strain and free my boy boxer!

But if its nit fun to fight should it be in the game. This is a game about fun and if its not fun then its counter initiative to the game.

The game is not always about fun, if it was it’d be completety different. It obviously isnt fun when you get killed but thats just the way it goes, you arent special or exempt from dying and the game isnt singleplayer. Xenos are powerful, and lunge/warrior are counterable. Just keep playing and improve yourself.
Also gonna say warriors lunge being a “win” button doesnt even matter because it only applies to a single target. You are one of 70+ marines and the warrior can inly handle two marines at once.

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Well if the game is not about fun then why do you play it. Why are we here then. Second i think that given how widespread the hate for them is indicative that something needs to be done. Also by win button he meant that as soon as you get grabbed your basically just dead because you get thrown into the backlines and ripped apart.

how does it not matter? you are completely removing a player from the marine side when you lunge at them and throw them to the backline to get capped. The only counter to woyer is to not engage at all cause they have an instant win button. “lol I clicked you once, get stunlocked and die” why do you think the entire marine frontline stalls the moment a warrior is seen behind a door? nobody wants to get grabbed and round removed for going up to the door and trying to break it and the moment the woyer lunges, other xenos immediately rush in to blocks slugs. the only real counter is the grenadier spec which runs out of HEDP by 1 hour in or gets grabbed himself, thrown onto the backline, 2 tapped by a drone and capped. Warrior is the best xeno in the game cause it gives the marine player 0 chance to fight back.

The key is to be careful and know when to engage or back off. A lot of people including my self fall victim to this from time to time. Play smart and do not rambo.

I am bad at the videogame, and cannot for the life of me land a lunge on even stationary marines. That’s why I play Sentinel - a far more economical T1 caste - with their bullshit scatterspit, which will drop you if I just think hard enough.