The enjoyment of playing the t2 caste Warrior on CM-SS13

I think i made an good point earlier that it does not matter if it can technically be countered if your super carful. I made the point that people hate it a lot. This game is about fun and if something is not fun and is hated this much. Shouldn’t it be changed so its less unfun to fight. If people are complaining this much i think that warrants at least consideration.

Plus runners can lung but since you don’t insta die from it most of the time from it people are mostly fine with it.

You would think marines would utilize shotgun slugs to cover eachother against warriors but it appears no one is actually bothered by warrior lunge otherwise you know…theyd use slugs :joy:

thing about slugs is that if the woyer actually does a good lunge with cover behind them the slugs do basically nothing and the warrior just does it again later

woyer is VERY killable if you deny/whiff his lunge

All it takes is for marines to stop the fear RP to punish warriors. If they don’t have strong back up all they can do is snag one marine, two push in the door with shotguns and it has to retreat or die.

I noticed you all talking about shotguns however i have noticed a distinct lack of marines using them. I assume this is because of there slow fire rate and limited range. Thats why i don’t want to use one because if i have to get that close and im not behind a cad im just going to get killed by the rav that always seems to be around the corner.

So i think your argument has a few holes in it.

T2s are generally cringe burst damage. 02:00 round timer T1 defender soaking endless bullets is where it’s at. Dying to kill a single auto turret while using fort, or baiting ungas to walk up to me so T3s can come murder the shit out of them after I unfort and stun the idiot.

By nature of the warriors lunge, the only counter is to get shot by the other marines. You won’t do enough damage to a warrior to kill it before it takes the marine. Marines can’t resist out of the grab, and it’s ambush nature ensures it won’t be easily flanked (especially if you are sweaty and camp corners)

I’ve been grabbed when it’s my own damn fault, I’ve been grabbed in front of the entire marine force. What was the difference? Nothing, the same events happened. Flung into xeno lines and killed.

There’s no skill ceiling. There’s no special abilities you can use or skill. You shift click a marine, insta stun them (if you miss? You just grey out the ability for a bit) and then move behind them to fling them into back into xeno lines.

Think about other xenos. Runner, if they miss a pounce, then they don’t just stand still, they go there, and can slam into objects and get stunned. Lurker? Until the first slash you are locked in place. Boiler clouds can hit walls and xenos. Other little things added to xenos to make it above just clicking a button.

What would I change? Lunges if they fail do not fizzle out. You lunge to the spot regardless if you get a hit or not. Stat changes are below me because I got no idea.

Playing warrior makes me feel bad in its current state.

Personally, I think warrior cooldowns need some looking at, but I haven’t given warrior much thought. It is without a doubt one of the strongest castes in the entire game, however. I don’t think it’s particularly good for a T2 to be so powerful.

Personally i don’t think warrior even serves much of a tactical purpose. They just kinda exist and are annoying. You might say there job is to secure caps except that what runners, lurkers, spitters, and carriers are for. Well there warriors so there offensive except there not because they work best when hiding behind walls. So are they defensive well no because that’s what defenders, drones are hive lords are for. You could say there purpose is to make marines fear turning corners or open doors except that what every other xenos except the support ones are for. Especially spitters. Right now warriors seem to just be there to kill people with there i win ability. If they where removed from the game i don’t think the game balance would change much. But marines would have more fun.