The Outdoors Thread

In this thread let’s discuss grass, its feel, smell, and flavour. What outdoor activities do you enjoy? Fishing? Gardening? Ornithology? Playing CM on a mobile device in the shade of a gnarled oak?
I’ll start:

Avid hunter and fisherman myself, got into crossbow two years ago.

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I like to go out and do stuff like this sometimes. Yes that is me up there.

Also i found this tree. Im not too sure why it looks like that.

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Maybe the wind shifted it enough to lean and grow like that, but not uproot it entirely?

Im more thinking of why it grew into a sort of tree centipede shape after falling over. There are other fallen tress and they not look like that.

Photo of my backyard during winter

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You can play CM on your smartphone? Now I know why this guy, you probaly know who I mean, is always writing these “We iwll wni!!!”-Sentences.

Anyways, I enjoy shouting at or running over waves of tourists blocking the road while driving around with my bike, or just sitting in the garden and reading Forums of funny two-decade-old 2d spessman games interesting books.

Got any fish in the crick?

as a plat in all roles what is this thing you call the outside?

It’s weird for branches to not grow in a sensible way

What’s plat in all roles mean?

Anyone recognize these wildflowers?

Might be able to fins out if i knew what country/state/province this picture was taken in.

this is because of the plant hormone auxin which has negative phototropism (is destroyed by light) and encourages cell elongation-growth (typically only remains in the roots which is what causes roots to grow downwards away from the sun)

something has probably blocked the light from the branches

(this might not be correct)

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175 hours in every role

Its fairly bright. Its not much darker then the rest of the woods. Plus im more thinking about why it formed this spider web of branches and they do not just grow straights up. Other fallen tress just grow there branches up.

No sadly, no fishes in the crick

Crappie were biting good on the lake!

I got three ticks yesterday. There may be something to this.

My mom still thinks ticks can jump and fall from trees.