The researching

as the lord of crows have spoken his will and his important opinion, we the peasants must think about how to do the above.
what do we do exactly?
heres what I thought about so far

add uses to DDI beyond being a greifing chem, what uses though?

expand upon greenos somehow??

splicing pred dna? (carclarc asking 50 dollars for this, I will do this for free but in shitcode edition, also will have to learn tgui, goddamit.)

zombie blood, research etc.

pred gear retrieval ERT pr is already there so.

give CL clearance paper back? I have no idea why it got removed, while the clearance access makes sense, the paper doesnt to me.

thats all what I could think about!!


and of course the trello about xeno organs buffing armor and etc etc etc


Research should be able to make permastimmed Capn America style supersoldiers. The catch is it takes an hour solid inside a cryo tube to bake one up, on top of the research and chems.


grenn blood should have an propety that can turn normal xeno into a predalien

maybe stabbing something with a knife, and then analysing the knife would give you some funny reagent stuff (iouno i never play research)

it shouldnt be enough to synthesize the chemical on its own, but it should give clues that a smart researcher would be able to use