they increase predround chance or something?

I swear they’ve down increased predround chance or something remember that infection round we had a few days ago? 4 CONSECUTIVE predrounds before that and then an other directly after

then just today, second match on it’s a predround, like what the fucks going on here they tring to get a predaline or something? granted w nearly got one this round but still anyone know anything that i don’t?

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that’s chance

this file which controls round chance hasn’t been touched for 8 months if you were curious

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ok thanks. (20 character limit)

They won’t tell you, but admins can force pred rounds. And there are many admins who have pred WL.


There is also a bunch of new changes to Predators being test merged, so its likely the staff want people to play pred more often to test out the changes and see how they go.

The thing to recall about Pred rounds is that you can go times where you’ll never see a Pred rounds for weeks or longer, and other times where every second round is a Pred round. Naturally people are going to swarm all over any chance to play as one.

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could you link a few? or at least tell me where to find them i would like to read the changes

They didn’t touch code however they should increase it.

Type Pull requests · cmss13-devs/cmss13 · GitHub in your browser. Then, there should be some sort of search bar showing “is:pr is:open”. Remove the “is:open” and type yautja instead, the “is:pr” stays. Now you get all yautja PRs since we switched to github, open the most recent ones. For making it easier: Yautja Rework Holder by realforest2001 · Pull Request #3879 · cmss13-devs/cmss13 · GitHub This thing contains the recent yautja PRs.

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