Thoughts about Hugger Traps

Hugger traps are some of the most incredibly painful and annoying things to deal with as a marine, I understand that they can be dealt with by just shooting the hugger when it comes up, but as it happens, the majority of people can’t do that. Additionally, it doesn’t actually gain the xenos any more than a regular acid trap, and only serves to force the marine to take the (potentially) entire round-spanning trip back to the ship.

This wasn’t originally a problem when you could perform groundside surgery to remove it, but now it is.

Shooting the trap itself will cause the hugger to pop out of it.

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that’s why you hide them under objects, I’d also like to mention that we have playable huggers now so the sources of getting hugged on the frontline are only increasing

its a single tile thing and gets destroyed (along with the hugger inside) with 2 hits. It takes a ginormous amount of plasma and effort to make and can also just be negated through a single mortar/cas run (in caves, one CAS flare). Removing it because you don’t like the potential of a huggers being a threat in a round is and not to be offensive, real cope

You can right click things to see the contents of a tile.

There’s nothing wrong with hugger traps. You just don’t have spatial awareness when dumbfuck unga rushing into enemy territory. Its like running into a claymore and saying they’re OP.

Plus I find it pretty funny when a buddy steps on one and mock them and vice versa

sorry im not trying to cope here i understand that it sounds like i am but i want to see what other people think about them

yeah but you can’t check every tile especially in the midst of combat

Pretty good example of not paying attention. I run into them still

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hugger traps are good because they punish retarded marines who don’t think and just hold wasd and spam their warcry emote hotkey

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I find hugger traps funny and a skill check.