Ticker175 - Player Report: Lukas Seltz, Rule 4. No griefing

Ticker175 - Player Report: Lukas Seltz, Rule 4. No griefing

What’s your BYOND key?

Time of incident:

Your character name:
Bob Huey

Accused BYOND key:

Accused character name:
Lukas Seltz

What rule(s) were broken?:
Rule 4. No griefing

Description of the incident:
So in terms of IC i was ordering CLF crates, i had IC justification and i wasn’t hiding the fact, i had said over comms that i was buying crates, regardless i didn’t do anything when the CMP arrested me even though the CO had said they were looking into it, but then they decided to in the brig just stack on sedition and perma me… everyone knew this was a lie and was just OOC griefing… the CO eventually came over and said that the mp was being stupid and i was downgraded to a normal cell for only contraband… then xenos hijacked and everyone said to let me out… but the cmp said no and because i had 9 minutes left they “had” to evac me, which was just the cherry on top to confirm the fact that they were in fact griefing me as a player and not just “doing their job” as they said in dchat later on. this is the point where the admins actually start looking at my Ahelp and I’m assuming said stop being a dickhead and the CMP let me go

But OOC there is literally no reason to arrest me in the first place, there was literally 5 MP that were RPing as opposed to feigning Malicious Compliance as a reason to just arrest me. then they went even further and after xenos hijacked they said because I have 9 minutes left on my timer they had to evac me (i had Ahelped and the admin I’m assuming said “fucking stop that”, so they did eventually let me go)

All in all, whilst the CMP did have reason to arrest me for contraband, everything they did after that is just attacking me OOC, there is NO reason to give me sedition and then try to evac me for having a 9 minute timer…

MP should know when and where to enforce ML and how to interpret it, the CMP should be this and then some as that role is held higher than a normal MP, in addition to this the CMP should be more susceptible to punishment for IC and OOC rule-breaking, I would like for them to receive a CMP Jban for this so they cant continue to do this to other people

wasn’t able to get my Chat log as it was wiped after round restart so will need someone to pull the logs please

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I was doing my job and I believed that ordering CLF gear is sedition and with basically no laws or even any Guidance for military police what can you expect I was not griefing and I do not even understand why he would even say that I was. I was doing my job to the best of my abilities. Plus if you believe I was attacking you as a player I was not weather you want to believe me or not I was doing my job and fallowing what I believe was right. Let alone this is a In character Issue not a mod issue.

Upon log review the charge issue was corrected in-game by the CO, I’m leaving this as In-character.