Trying to beat that little Lrp brain worm

Currently in recent days, I’ve been trying to beat that little Lrp brain worm i have in my head… its not working out.

so in short, any tips for getting back into the flow of being RP focused again?

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Play xeno for 2-3 months, when you come back you’ll begin to value roleplay again.

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I got the CIC to give me a job transfer and access to medbay so I could clean it. I made a request doc and filled out why and whatnot and it worked. It was fun to talk through things sipping coffee witha clipboard in my hand explaining why I wanted a transfer

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Think up an idea of something fun you’d like to do RP wise, could be anything from being in CIC and writing up reports and paperwork about the operation, plan, squad strength, briefing, etc not to mention all the saluting and yes ma’am no sir your character should be doing to a superior officer.

Maybe as a MT and create a fun little project like a museum showcasing interesting aspects of the old or even current world lore, this can really take off if the black market is found/activated. Obviously can also create a bar or kitchen down at the FOB or Almayer and just have fun wit that.

Obviously the Corporate Liaison is all about roleplay, forcing yourself to interact with survivors and getting them to tell their story and what not. Trying to get CIC to limit damages done to the colony via contracts or something. Combat Correspondence also falls into this category of “this role is nothing but roleplay” I’ve seen some amazing RP out of CC and then I’ve seen people just sit around and yell in command chat all round about how the XO is doing a bad job.

But ya I’d recommend either playing a role that forces you to interact with others through text and roleplay as well as thinking up something fun you’d like to potentially pull off. Some rounds you wont be able to do what you want because players wont be responsive, but other rounds it will all come together and be a lot of fun.


Played Xenos for a full day

when i came back to marines I started to RP good again.