UPP warcry preference

I suggest adding a preference to have UPP warcry(“Za Rodinu! Ura!”) instead of a regular USCM.
A. Add a trait in Character Traits “Advanced Russian” or something like that
B. Add pamphlet “UPP propaganda texts”
C. If you have the trait Speaks Russian you can select it(don’t know where this option can be put)
We have a pretty decent amount of marines that were born in UPP(I don’t think in UA people would name their kids or themselves Slavic)
And UPP warcries just sound more epic(in my opinion)


it will be kinda funny if UPP had cyka bleat as a warcry

no the upp warcry makes the major events with them cooler, plus this would be massively LRP

I like the funny little UPP screams. I like more customization even more, so yeah, I’d love to see new warcries. Mix it up a little.