[Ven's] Queen "Last Stand" mechanic idea.

We all know when there is last queen, she run around and die.

So what if we give her “Last Stand” mechanic to make it more interesting?

“Last Stand” mechanic require queen to be last xeno, when she is only xeno remaining, her “lesser drones” amount increase from 7-8 to 16. (of course it require her to be on ovi + core active so she can use lessers)

It would “force” all marines to go attack queen, and queen will not move from ovi (if she want to have any chances), with would make last “moments” more enjoyable than waiting 2-3 minutes for queen to die from random marine.

I got this idea from my last game, where queen was alone on ovi, and got swarm of 10 lesser drones appearing from core, going out build and fighting, considering that lessers are absurdly weak, it make it very interesting fight, where marines get swarmed by “cannon meat” in waves from core.


Yes awesome more end of round delaying, the queen can totally come back guys I swear. It might be 60 marines vs 1 young queen and 10 lesser drones, but she totally has a chance! This isn’t delaying the game for no reason!


This is a terrible idea, and I’m not really in the mood right now to break it down as to why it’s a terrible idea. Just… no.


No, how about each marine gets a tracker to show where the queen’s location is when she’s the last one when theres no hive core built. Further lowering round delays caused by queen hiding from marines in jungles and walling herself in.

Lesser drones in itself is a nuissance considering you just join and rush FOB and hope some marine left cades open as you run in and start slashing everyone, or find a SSD marine while you were ghost UAVing.


You might say delay, but there were marines in dchat that round yelling at admins to kill queen cause xenos actually did almost pull it back lmao

Lessers do unironically give chances for a xeno comeback if marines fumble hard enough (which they usually do cause they think round is “over” and don’t bother organizing a proper assault till it’s too late and 15 men are dead from pushing in pairs)

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They didn’t almost pull it back, the marines had 1. A suicide bomber on the ship, and 2. An invasion of armed monkeys killing people shipside who the marines went back up to deal with since the xenos were beaten and just delaying (as usual). Adding more end of round delaying is pointless, and you’re stopping the people who have been dead for hours from playing again. It’s just selfishness.


Fuck lesser drones. The first few times Little Tide was fun, but quickly got stale. It gives no gameplay value besides delaying the round end.


I can appreciate your creative thinking but this will just not work. Keep at it.


as a last stand, when the queen is alone (or has only a few t1s left) they get a message “the hivemind demands you take on a more powerful bioform” and you have a minute or so to find somewhere to hide, and then you form a cocoon and after another couple minutes you emerge as a alium king/predalien/some other OP form that very slowly loses health over time so you have to go go go and finish it with a fun monster hunter finale

Literally only additional delay

No, that is not a good idea.

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What the fuck

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I think this would be cool in like, 5% of cases and a complete pain in the butt for the other 95%. We already have cases where the game is delayed 20+ minutes because Young Drone XX-420-X manages to escape and queens up with 1 burrower. We already have games regularly running into the 3 or 4 hour mark aswell.

lessers are awesome, and they die in like two shots, your inability to deal with them is a skill issue

which are usually the most fun games

yall say this but I have won plenty a match as the last queen with a boiler, or another 2 xenos.

doable. let them cook and stop being so impatient.