Wey-Yu Safe

Im sure this has already been suggested at some point, and if so then i guess im just suggesting it again.

Basically the idea is that the company isnt entirely innocent regarding the incident on distress signal missions. Not to say they purposedully set it up, but maybe they know a bit more about it than the UA.

After giving a listen to the Sea of Sorrows book (Where a group of wey yu pmcs are sent into a mining colony to capture a xenomorph) I thought it would be cool to see some elements of it reflected on CM. In particular a safe kept by the colony CL containing something the company deems invaluable.

I think that we should add a corporate safe to each map, in the floor and indistructable, so that it doesnt become an obstacle to regular gameplay. I think it would be either out of the way entirely of regular areas of fighting, or so far from the LZs that it would require a lot of effort to reach it.

The safe would become accessible when a certain requirement is met, whether that be research or just time. When that requirement is met, a fax or message or whatever will be automatically sent to the CL if there is one, which would be a communication from a WY acquisitions department lead who is tracking the ongoing situation.

They will proovide the CL with the general location of the safe, and the code for it, along with the name of an item contained in it that the company must have at any cost.

What that item is isnt especially important, but it would be cool to see a reward if its successfully recovered, in the form of a research grant, req funds, what have you.

I just think this is an interesting and passive way to give the CL a corporate misson they can actively try to accomplish, and work with other departments or normal joes to complete.

Sorry if my brain barf is unorganized, hopefully the idea was conveyed well


I like the idea of giving the CL a ground-side objective to accomplish. As well as calling in PMC’s to achieve it perhaps, or just bribing marines to help them achieve it. At the moment there’s not too many reasons for the CL to be groundside, other then purely RP.

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well WY is not innocent in many maps. Solaris ridge is a biological storage and research facility. In most maps WY is involved one way or the other. It is however up to the CL to initiate RP regarding that involvement by sending fax to the company. I do agree that in at least some maps WY needs to have some predetermined objective that makes sense like recover this data or rescue this executive. Not some “GIVE ME THE MONKEY” kind of event. For example in solaris ridge get some PMCs to recover data disk from lmbda/eta labs. Or in new varadero secure xeno eggs (there’s a pred ship crashed there thus the outbreak). I do think we need events with WY to be more frequent and more standard. Certainly easier to initiate on admins side.

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i like the idea…
i could see CL wanting to recover data that could incriminate W_Y in a safe colony side.
CL could choose to directly ask CO to recover those data/document for him in exchange for something in exchange maybe just some tech point…
CL could also choose to ask a small group or a solo marine to recover the data/document for him in.
(pro would be that it would cost less to CL and W_Y than dealing with the CO directly…)

CL would have a special computer to process this data/document if it’s sealed CL get the full reward from W_Y…
people could decide to reveal the data/document wish could lead to more stuff…

going to stop there don’t want to make a full design document…

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