What is the communities view of changes in CM?

Light update trash

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the sys-admin vid heavily agrees with non-staff votes being “plebian” so yeah, even soldier’s remark is made a mockery of. its also somewhat bizarre i cant react at all to non-mentor staff posts. Grim was a fortune teller with the Mussolini meme about him.

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I ask politely to keep on discussion and not point fingers.

I understand where you guys come from, but I would at least like to hear bullet points on the subject.

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Thinking back on it now, Devs have done things not too good.

One thing that can come to mind was the Fire Rate Slowdowns.
Nobody really liked what had happened but lived with it.
My main gripe was the murder of the M4RA.
They came back and fixed it however by increasing it’s damage with the tradeoff being the previous nerf to fire rate.

It’s not as if the Dev team can’t fix problems, they have to circumvent what is occurring at hand to sometimes find a goal.
It’s more or less the process they use to reach said goal that matters though.


Firstly, there’s the classic CM was best whenever I started playing (everything MOBA and onwards miiiiiiiid). But I really think it is wild when you consider how much stuff we’ve gained than lost over the years, and just the sheer volume of failed projects (Dropships 2.0 anyone?) or ones that just got forgotten.

I think the main thing is that our perception of the state of the game is largely based on how we feel about a couple people. As it stands, I’ve always found Morrow to be a good dude, and I tend towards trusting him to know what he’s doin on this stuff. And though of course not every change is something I like, the game being in good hands is equivalent in my head to being in an okay state. Now Harry I don’t know, but personally haven’t been done badly by him, so ultimately I just don’t worry too much about it.

But God love em, neither of them will be around forever, and its basically luck of the draw if next people in the slot are decent and try to maintain and grow, or say fuck it, “their game now”.

I’m trying to learn a bit of how to contribute to the game in terms of mapping right now, but I’ll never be runnin the show, so what power do I really have here. PR Feedback has always been a joke in whatever form, so I just kinda hope that things shake out alright, and learn to work around the changes. At the end of the day, I play CM for the people, and the actual mechanics are secondary.


Another bit of source material I would like to use here for this conversation is also the “Xeno Overhauls” discussion which goes into depth on certain parts from peoples views on development in general not just for marine gameplay I believe.

I’d like to believe this discussion is more or less a continuation in a deeper view of the previous.

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It’s not a mockery, it’s literally the truth.
You get to give feedback or contribute, but they decide in the end.

Forest the vice host has had a few of his changes not added because the maintainers didn’t agree with it after discussions.

Harry has added so much backend stuff or has his hand in so much backend stuff it’s unbelievable. He sometimes did stuff or fixed stuff in days that we we’re begging to get added when I was a moderator and admin.

There ya go then, back-end shit ain’t ever as sexy as the new stuff, but doin that kinda work earns big points in my book

I believe that for an important bit of context, CM went from SS13 Job Simulator (Atmos, Engineers handling Engines, more groundside fuckery), to Milsim (More in the way of logistics, vehicles, DEFCON), to MOBA (Greater power to individuals, objective based gameplay), and is now going back to Milsim (Higher reliance on other departments and teamwork).

That’s a lot of fucking growing pains, and it is fair to say that none of the rough ‘eras’ ever achieved 100% of it’s vision before being remodeled into the next, but the biggest issues tend to stem from the mortal developers only having so much time to shift certain weapons, roles, departments, and entire maps/factions to that goal, and that some players just don’t want to shift to fit that ideal.

I am of course right all the time and am the sole arbitrator of objective truths, which is why it is easy for me to point-out that a ton of the frustration coming from recent development and some losses stem from people just being . . . unwilling to shift things up? This has been ongoing since the first big milsim era where “Gimmick” captains/VCs trying to shift from the meta caught a lot of flack for trying to see if there were ways to innovate, which consequently meant that players couldn’t log on and use the same loadout and plan they had the last seventeen rounds. It also means a lot of squad-based utility or tactics like proper firing lines and scoped weaponry - weak individually but oppressive when used together - collect dust, while the strategies that only benefit an individual catch nerfs. Rather than taking the hint, it looks like a lot of people instead try to shift to the next best-in-slot rather than lower themselves to the goal of the past fourish years of development, which seems to be “work with eachother to succeed”.

I miss me lass(double chung)

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I don’t play CM much anymore but there’s been a growing number of changes to both sides that are making this game less and less enjoyable. Namely:

  • Marines are constantly encouraged to cadehug and spam fire support. Xenos cannot deal with area of effect spam other than chat highlights

  • Blanket reductions in firearm rates of fire substantially reducing damage per second from both solo and grouped marines - without touching Xeno survivability

  • Short sighted nerfs to lighting and visibility destroying standoff distances and manoeuvrability, allowing castes to get much closer than originally intended

  • Constant fixation on balancing via faction mechanics and items, without realizing maps and Europeans are the largest factors in deciding which side wins

  • Storage nerfs; Canonically our characters are so retarded they cannot fit a square peg into square backpack without specialist training. These constant storage nerfs means the Marine frontline collapses much faster and we circle back into cadehugging fire support spam.

The main problem is the devs’ fixation on round length and the systematic nerfing of anything that can influence said timer. This translates into gutting player agency on both sides, as anything that can induce a win for either side too ‘fast’, regardless of skill difference in that round, has to go.

Second problem is fundamental issues with the Xeno faction. Lower numbers means they are reliant on XXs not wasting slots, larva, and donating their corpses to IOs. Caste balancing is based on whether Xenos have been pasted by an XX horde in the past month.
Legacy mechanics also remain from when CM was headed by a schizophrenic Canadian with lead poisoning, so core balancing issues regarding Queens, Warriors, and Lurkers (among others) can’t be easily addressed.

Lastly I think balancing is genuinely and permanently fucked because a good number of people are cheating. Just consider the amount of cheaters banned in CM history because someone leaked DMs (lol). It’s not a stretch that there are more in the closet with how many Xeno players have tick perfect inputs or the number of Marines with Terminator lock-on.


On the cheater part, it is either really noticable, or just not worth it to cheat nowadays. As getting an autoclicker doesn’t help much now that full auto is a thing, and there’s like two castes that can have any valuable cheats on them (dancer and vampire).

The only time I ever expect cheats, is when a marine somehow manages to shoot me in the darkness without a light, or when they throw 40 knives at me in a single second when I get into their view zone.

Maintainer Man bad.


They should add LOOC whilst unconscious back, when I get griefed I need to be able to say “Really” or “Why” so they know I am slightly disappointed with them.

That is all thanks xx


I second that


stupid fucking dog


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OP is banned and now people are kinda acting like fools.
This is why we can’t have nice things.