What should lag be referred to IC?

I’ve heard a lot of terms be thrown around like brainlag, spacelag or even just lag in general, I personally like to call it a lingering migrane or just a migrane.

What do you guys use and what should a good general term be?

Edit: A lot of people are saying brainlag is the best usage, probably that then. (All though I’m sure migrane is acceptable too)

Probably Catatonia

Psychic pulse / Jetlag
Via a disturbance with Queen Mothers link / for Mariens something-something cryostasis brain damage

isn’t brain damage already a think though that can be treated?

maybe something more like “sleep fatigue” or just cryosleep fatigue sort of like what ripley had in aliens 2 (or just aliens)

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Yeah if you go reading the computer logs around the ship one mentions a marine thinking that the cryopods are messing with his brain(it’s the major’s name email)

yeah ik that one I think it even gave them anxiety and they wanted something to sleep with in their cryopod I think it was like a pillow or something

that’s another log about how they can’t relax. it’s about the mailer wanting a Walkman.

Oh yeah the walkman

yeah he wanted tunes to fall asleep to when he couldn’t relax in cryo

regardless maybe just cryosleep fatigue could work

Most people, myself included just use brainlag IC. It seems widely accepted and everyone knows what you mean, so to me brainlag seems optimal.


yeah I’ve seen brainlag used the most for sure

Brainlag is extremely widely used because it’s such a common problem, like the term SSD (sudden sleep disorder) which is the IC explanation for players leaving.

SSD, brainlag are the most common however you can be more vague and say “I’m zoning out.” or something along the lines of that but that doesn’t really help convey the help you might need IC from others. some people say Sleep Fatigue, or Cryosickness depending on how recently pulled out of cryo they were. as xeno sometimes we say “the space queen is being unkind to me” or “spacetime is not stable” or “the space queen curses me today” stuff like this also kind of works. its way less common

What’s the most common abbreviated term for xenos if it’s less common?

Cryo-sickness is what I call it.

Neurological Space Syndrome

Goddamned cryodamage. High Command refuses to talk about the health effects of long term cryo usage.

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Or maybe it’s WY, they are the ones who make a lot of products after all

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Maybe it’d be best if there was a common abbreviation for brainlag. But eh
Often the times you have to say “brainlag” you have to type it fast midcombat. Hard for a 8 letter word.

I just refer to it as brainlag. I do not think there is any other good reason to call it anything else.

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Cryo Lag

A rare, but not uncommon, affliction where the brain fails to fully decryo. This often leads to loss of some motor functions, reduced reaction time, “spacing out” and, loss of consciousness.